Hankook Smart AH24 Tires

Hankook Smart AH24 tire is designed for regional haul applications. It features an improved even wear and outstanding tread pattern for better grip on the road. Hankook manufactured the AH24 using SSCT Technology that reduces profile deformation. Its IMS improved the rubber and carbon black compound composition of the tire. This results in increased mileage and lowers the heat generated when rolling.

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  • Zigzag grooves: Combination of straight and zigzag grooves provides better performance for traction and driving
  • Multi sipes: Multi sipes provide better even wear
  • Sidewall protector rib resists cuts and abrasions from curbing and impact
  • Deeper groove and wider tread provide longer tread life. Unique tread design helps decrease stone retention
  • Stiffness Control Contour Theory Technology (SCCT Technology) reduces profile deformation
  • Innovative Mixing System (IMS) for longer mileage and to lower the heat generation