Get Ready For a Star Shaped Ride with Milanni Wheels

Get Ready For a Star Shaped Ride with Milanni Wheels

If you take a look through Milanni’s collection of wheels you will notice something common, they all have a star shaped spoke design. It is simple yet quite elegant, the use of various color finishes in designing each model brings this quality out perfectly. These wheels are made with machined face, chrome and black finishes. But each of these finishes complements the spoke design in a tasteful way and with durable material.
Five spoke black wheel

Five Spoke Wheels

These wheels create the conventional star profile on your car. Most of the Milanni wheel series that bear a 5 spoke design have a combination of black and chrome finishes on the spokes. Milanni Bel Air wheels such as the Bel Air 5 Gloss black and the Bell Air 5 Chrome have this kind of color profile.

On the Bell Air 5 Gloss black, a chrome stripe extends along the center for each spoke to the middle of the wheel where it meets a chrome center cap. On the Bel Air 5 Chrome, the profile is reversed with a black stripe at the center of each chrome spoke. The same design can be seen on the Kool Whip 5 Black wheel. The Milanni Force series is however more complex in its design with a three dimensional spoke profile that places more weight at the center cap than near the rims.
Six spoke chrome wheel

Six Spoke Wheels

Another common spoke choice you will find under Milanni’s line of wheels are six spoke wheels. There are four different wheel series by Milanni that feature a six spoke design. These include Stellar, Kool Whip 8 (Gloss Black), Kool Whip 6 and Bel Air 6. The Stellar series is clearly a bit more distinct than the rest given that’s its spoke grow wider towards the wheel rims rather than towards the center cap. It has square holes on the spokes at the end that connects to the rim and a very sturdy build overall.
Six spoke black wheel

Eight Spoke wheels

The Kool Whip 8 series of Milanni wheels was made as an exclusive eight spoke wheel model and its simple slim structure makes the structure fit on the wheel. Just like the Bel Air series, Kool Whip wheels have a layered stripe in the middle. In the Kool Whip 8 Black machines wheel, this stripe gives a brilliant contrast with the chrome finish on the spoke edges while the Kool whip 8 chrome maintains a uniform chrome appeal all through.

The Milanni Paralyser is the only wheel in the entire Milanni line up without a clear spoke profile and it stands out uniquely because of its black inserts that alternate with the chrome metal plates attached to the rim. It’s a wheel made to stand out above every other wheel on the road.

By: Sean Bowes
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