Four Common Features of Gear Alloy Wheels

If you are an off road enthusiasts who likes his truck with a little bit more height then you know that the best suited wheels to have are sturdy wheels that can take massive pressure from both the truck body and the road. Gear Wheel are made for this exact purpose. They fit into any off road truck and SUV and are favorites for Jeep and Dodge drivers. In addition to the signature Gear Wheel’s logo at the center cap of all Gear wheel series, the wheels share four other common properties that may help in making your selection of which Gear Wheel to buy.
close up view of Gear alloy wheel

One Piece Alloy Construction

Across the range of series, Gear wheels are all made with a one piece cast wheel method of construction using aluminum alloy. This maintains two factors at a balance. With a one piece casting method Gear wheels offer several advantages that include a higher inert density which thus makes the wheel tougher and harder to wear down. It also gives the wheels a light weight as compared to steel or forged iron wheels hence making them a great choice for off road racing.

Common Sizes

All Gear wheel are made in three common wheel sizes for trucks and sizes: 18 and 20 inch size options. This makes them compatible with a variety of truck makes. Some wheels in the Gear Wheels line up however fall slightly lower or higher to that range. The 725MB Big Block Gear Wheel for instance has a 22 inch option making it a suitable choice for any off roader who wants a larger wheel to cope with the added lift on his truck.


A large number of Gear Wheels have an 8 bolt pattern around the center cap. It is a good feature for off road wheels since it maintains a firm grip to the axle in the event of a strenuous expedition that requires utilizing the wheel’s maximum power. Gear wheel series such as the 726C Big Block wheel have addition 5 and 6 bolt pattern option for custom bolt applications.

close up view of Gear alloy wheel
In addition to the central bolt pattern however, many Gear wheels have a embellishing bolt pattern on the flange. Some of these include:

715 C Recoil

719MB Backcountry

718 Blackjack

725MB Big Block

723C Nitro

725MB Dominator

738MB Switchback

close up view of Gear alloy wheel
Some of the approaches to including the flange bolt patterns are rather interesting. The Switchback for instance features a satin black finish with Gold-Tone Cadmium Plated Bolts along the entire flange circumference. This gives it an unprecedented premium look and feel. The flange bolt pattern on the Gear 719B Backcountry and 718 Blackjack contains larger bolts which are lodged into the wheel surface in visible grooves.

By: Sean Bowes
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