Find Out How Your Focal Wheels Look Before You Buy

For 26 years, Ultra Wheels has continued to bring high-performance and durable wheels to the public without sacrificing aesthetics or luxury. Founded by Jim Smith, a championship off-road racer and NASCAR Craftsman Truck series racer, the company was started so that Smith could share his passion for modifying cars and trucks.

Although, most of Ultra Wheels is geared Fthe trucking and off-roading community, the newest wheel designs for tuner, sport compact and import cars is gaining popularity, too.

“We only sell Championship-Caliber wheels,” said a spokesperson for Ultra. “When you own a set of our wheels, you will be riding on our core principle of delivering the strongest, most durable wheels on the market today.”

Focal Wheels

For enthusiasts who are looking for the most modern and trendy wheels in the Ultra Wheels, they usually come across the Focal Wheel brand. Offered with the same guarantees and warranties as the rest of Ultra Wheels, Focals are aimed at racers who want to gain a performance edge while adding beauty of their ride.

However, with a huge selection of different wheels and styles, it can be difficult to choose which Focal Wheelsto purchase. Mix in the factor that each wheel type is available in several different diameters, lug patterns, widths and offsets, it can downright confusing when it’s time to click the “purchase” button.

Luckily, the racing engineers at Ultra Wheels have made it easy to see which wheels will look best on your ride without having them shipped to your house. Ultra Wheels’ websiterecently added a configuration to see how your wheels look on your car.


Focal’s Configurator

Once you enter the Ultra Wheel website, look on the top bar and click ‘CONFIGURATOR’. Then simply enter the Year, Make, Model, Trim of your vehicle and then add the size of wheel you’re interested in installing.

Once you’ve done this, you’re able to scroll through different types of Ultra Wheels, including the popular Focal Wheels. The Configurator also allows tuners to change the color of their car and wheels to give you a clear idea of how each wheel would look on your vehicle.

Tuners should keep in mind, the Configurator is a useful tool to use a style guide when they’re wheel shopping. However, if a wheel doesn’t show up in the Configurator, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t fit on your specific vehicle.

About Focal Wheels

According to Ultra Wheels, the Focal brand wheels go through the same scrutiny and examination as the rest of their products, which makes them some of the strongest and most durable wheels on the market.

In addition to providing tuners and road racers with a vast variety of wheels, their catalogue mentions that many of their wheels can be used on SUV or off-road applications.

All of Focal’s wheels, including the top-selling 421 Series, are customized to creature a dramatic look for your ride. All of their wheels feature a quality of finish with a heavy-duty clear coat to protect the wheels from corrosion. The manufacturing of Focal Wheels is very time consuming, so enthusiasts can rest assured that every wheel is made to perform under any driving conditions.

Enthusiasts should note: Every make and model car and Focal Wheel style is not available on the Configuration. For tuners who have questions about fitment or styles of Focal Wheels, call the experts from 4wheelonline.com at 813-769-2451

By Sean Bowes
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