Fender Flares - Making a Truck Stand Out

cobraThe AC Cobra shows just how much of a difference fender flares make on a vehicle

It’s amazing the difference a styling change around the wheel arches can make. Look at an iconic vehicle such as the AC Cobra and it’s clear that it’s those fantastic fenders sweeping outwards that makes the AC so stunning. Similarly much of the appeal of another automotive icon – the Willys Jeep – is in those bold, angular front fenders.

Yes, giving a vehicle’s wheel arches ‘the treatment’ will transform it from an also-ran into a thoroughbred winner.

Add Visual Flair with Fender Flares

Despite the best intentions of Ford, Chevy and GM, the pickup has traditionally been boxy and bland. Over at Jeep it’s been a similar story; the Cherokee and Compass criticized as slab-sided and unimaginative. Only the wrangler, which retains some of the original Jeep’s DNA in those high front fenders, has some style, and even that peters out at the back.

fender flares

Fender Flares can be used for subtle enhancement or for a big bold look

But give those wheel arches some flair and a pickup or Jeep is transformed. Fender flares give instant sex appeal, are easy to fit and excellent value for money.

How Much Fender Flair is Too Much Fender Flare?

Depends who you ask; some would say you can always have more fender flare, others will tell you that a subtle bit of flare is enough. But it doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong because fender flares come in all sizes from sleek ¾” street style flares, to in-your-face 6” wide flares.

willysIconic front fender flares on an iconic vehicle – the original Willys Jeep

Usually the best size of fender flare is one that matches the proportions of the vehicle. Although if you’re going for a big, bold look then you’ll want larger flares, and if you’re just trying to add some cred without going over the top then small will suit you. Similarly, if you’re putting on big fat chunky tires you might want bigger flares to give them enough room.

If you want your Jeep or pickup to stand out then a set of fender flares will give it an aggressive styling edge that separates it from the crowd.

By John Bone

daisyFender flares give a Jeep instant sex appeal – Yeeehaaa!

Posted on August 15th, 2013
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