Fender Flare Products for All Truck Makes

We recently reviewed what the biggest Fender Flare manufacturers out there are making for Jeep Drivers. While many of the companies we mentioned make a variety of fender flares for different truck brands, Crown Automotive takes specialization in developing Jeep products and so only manufactures Jeep fender flares. A Jeep fender flare would be easily recognizable at first glance due to its extra length over the tires, and its rigid trapezoidal shape. As opposed to other truck makes, Jeep fender flares are made to only provide an overhead cover and thus do not extend to the side of the tire. Their signature look stays the same regardless of which manufacturer to purchase your fender flare from.
Mazda Miata

Other fender flare manufacturers we have listed offer a variety of fender flare options for all truck owners. They include Bushwacker, EGR, TrueEdge, Rugged Ridge, Prestige and Smittybilt. Bushwacker which is deemed as the most trusted amongst them has various designs to its fender flares for example. They include:

• Cut Out Fender flares

• Pocket Style Extend a flare

• OEM Style fender flares

• Street Flares The flares are installable on Chevys, Dodges, Nissans, GMCs, Fords, Toyotas, Mitsubishis and Jeeps. This time we therefore want to look at what other products they have in their line-up. Not everyone owns a Jeep and some people would like to know what options there are for Chevy’s, Toyotas and Nissans.
Ford F-250

Chevy Flares

The Chevy series of trucks feature a square shaped fender flare. The edges of the flare bear a rounded out profile both on the inner and outer outline. Available Chevy fender flares serve a variety of models depending on the spec option chosen. These include the Chevy Silverado, Blazer Tahoe and Suburban to name a few.

Nissan Flares

The average Nissan truck will have a fully curved out fender flare if not a partially curved out one. Some Nissan trucks can accommodate a fender flare that is curved out on the lower edge and more rigidly profiled on the upper edge. For example the EGR fender flares look great fitted on the 2008 Nissan Titan.
Jeep Wrangler

Toyota Flares

If you drive a Toyota then you can get yourself a Bushwacker Fender Flare whether it is a Toyota Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, Prius, Highlander or Venza amongst many other models of Toyota made between 1956 and 2014. Other manufacturers that make Toyota Fender flares include Prestige, G2 (with pocket & bolt application only), EGR and TrueEdge.

By: Sean Bowes
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