Falken Tires Dominates King of the Hammers

Originally started in 2007, the King of the Hammers race has quickly grown into the biggest off-road race in the world. Each year, tens of thousands of people come to watch the race in person, while hundreds of thousands more watch the race at home and online. Part of the massive appeal is the fact that the race allows anybody to compete as long as their vehicle makes it through preliminary rounds. Of course, this is not an easy task.

Author Darrin Bolton says, “The King of the Hammers is the most intense, grueling single day race in America…With many different factors coming into KoH, the chances of mechanical failure are extremely high. The amount of wear put on the race cars is extraordinary- tire hazards, stress on the drive train. KoH can break anything, and even the most high priced components can fail; things are expected to go wrong.”

Naturally, the race’s difficulties work as a filter, only allowing the very best products to even attempt at competing. In fact, many companies and drivers view just completing the treacherous course as a form of victory. And, there is nothing wrong with that. The course is as tough as tough gets. However, one company has elevated its standards to an even higher level.

Falken Tires Takes Over

Last year, Falken Tires competed and won the Everyman Challenge at the King of the Hammers event. At the event, they sponsored Savvy Off-Roads, and the two combined to make Falken history. Team Falken’s Off-Road Supervisor, Nestor Cabrera, said, “This is an important victory for Falken Tires because it’s obviously our first in off-road competition, but also because it verifies the performance capabilities of the WildPeak A/T, which is our highly regarded all-terrain tire.”

Since that victory, the off-road world has been buzzing about Falken Tires.  In fact, as the 2014 King of the Hammers race was approaching, numerous companies tried to secure a partnership with Falken. In the end, Falken sponsored over 25 teams in 5 different classes! Obviously, the company couldn’t have been prouder. Nick Fousekis, Falken’s Director of Motorsports Marketing, says, “This is the first time Falken has had such a formidable presence at KoH…we really expanded our effort, as many teams sought us out to help provide that edge they needed in off-road performance.”

drag queenIn 2014, Falken won numerous events at the King of the Hammers.

Falken Tires Returns to the Podium in 2014

Last month, all of Falken’s hard work and partnerships paid off in a big, big way. Falken Tires and driver John Currie once again took home the big prize at the Everyman Challenge. Only, that was just the tip of the 2014 iceberg. Falken also won the 4700 Spec Class with driver Jessi Combs (adding to the history was the fact that Combs was the first female driver to win this class at the race!). Additionally, Falken and driver Tony Pellegrino came in second in the main event at the King of the Hammers.

Nick Fousekis says, “Some people argue that King of the Hammers is one of the toughest races on the planet, and Falken came to dominate it and we did. We had two firsts out of four events, plus a number of podiums highlighted by Tony Pellegrino’s incredible run to the front. We’re proud of everyone’s achievements over the course of the KOH events.”

Posted on February 27th, 2014
By: Tim Snyder
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