Experience with 2014 Privat 2-Step Lips

Experience with 2014 Privat 2-Step Lips

Privat Wheels is one of the elite brands on the market and is offered by Konig wheels. For more than 25 years, Konig has not only been setting trends but also revolutionizing the wheel industry. Privat Wheels offers various wheels of Euro fitment in addition to fitments for different popular vehicles models.
White Mercedes with privat wheels

Privat Akzent

The Privat Akzent is the ideal statement wheel for any vehicle. They feature a classic mesh center in addition to unique machining resulting into a 2-step lip wheel that takes your vehicle to the next level of sophistication and performance. These Privat Akzent wheels with machined lip come in superior styles for that classy and unique look.

They are casted using finest A356 aluminum and are heat treated for enhanced durability and strength. Their multi-spoke design in addition to gleaming machined lip gives your ride the ultimate look you have been yearning for. Therefore, give your ride the power of appeal with these 2014 Privat 2-Step lips wheels from Privat.
Black Mercedes with privat wheels

Privat Legende

If you are demanding perfection, then Privat Legende wheel is the right choice for you. These are one-piece cast wheels that are specifically designed to meet the standards of the today’s SUVs or trucks while at the same time accentuating your individual style. Standout superior construction, styling and unparalleled performance is just some of the reasons why you should try these 2014 Privat 2-Step lips wheels.

Motorists who value the highest caliber of quality as well as the finest in luxury know that Privat Legende wheels provide a unique experience like no other on the market.
Gold convertible with privat wheels

Privat KUP Wheels

Private KUP wheels feature premium style and are available in silver/machined lip finishes. Just like other 2014 Privat 2-Step lips wheels, they are manufactured using finest aluminum making them light in weight but strong and durable. These wheels also feature leading edge design and state of the art tooling giving your car’s exterior modern and stylish look. Their multi-spoke design gives your vehicle’s exterior a unique, classy and stylish look.

Privat Rivale wheels

Another 2014 Privat 2-Step lips wheels is Privat Rivale. These wheels are built with the latest technology and the focus is on the latest styles and trends offering the most innovative creation. Furthermore, Privat Rivale wheels are engineered with precision for quality and performance. They are also manufactured using A365 Aluminum hence you are assured of durability and maximum power.

By: Jon Aragon
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