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Drifz Wheel Present a Distinct Variety of Racing Wheels

Drifz wheels are a line of wide rimmed, sporty wheels that are made especially for track racers. They are known for providing significant amount of cornering stability and are made of durable materials. These wheels are made to fit into trucks, SUVs and cars because they come in a variety of sizes.

In addition to that they are designed in a range of color options and spoke profiles that give you the lee way to customize your vehicle appearance accordingly when fitting them. The interesting thing to note about these wheels is that each series under Drifz is made with one color option making them all truly unique and easy to identify.

Drifz 207B

Dritz 207B wheel
These wheels are made in an exclusive black finish that is couple with red accents. The Drifz 207B’s red accents are featured on the rim’s inner surface just below the lip. They have a one of a kind color profile that you won’t find on most aftermarket rims and are thus great for the track driver who wants to stand out. With a slim, strong five spoke design, the Drifz 207B is not just great to look at but a great performer too.

Drifz 207MB FX

Dritz 207MB wheel
The Drifz 207MB FX has a slightly different construction and finish than the 207B. It has machined face spokes while its rims stay black. Its six spokes however resemble the 207B with a spacing in the middle while the edges that attach to the rim also make an sudden bend onto the lip.

Drifz 302MB

Dritz 302MB wheel
This Drifz wheel produces a clearly more sophisticated look as compared to the earlier two models. It has spokes that branch out into two towards the rim leaving a triangular gap between. Each of the ten spokes on the DSrifz 302MB bears a machined face finish on the outer surface while the inner spoke edges retain a black hue just like the 207B.

Drifz 306B Halo

Dritz 306 wheel
This wheel series from Drifz wheels features the highest number of spokes in low profile stain black finish. It has 15 thin spokes in total that converge at a robust center cap area that bears the Drifz logo. Its sister model in the 306B Halo series comes with machined face spoke and a 5 lug design at the machine face center.

Drifz 304MB Circuit

This five spoke wheel evidently stands out from the other wheel models due to its robust 5 spoke design. Both the 5 lug and 4 lug models in the Drifz 304MB Circuit series have a machined face lip and matte black spokes which presents a unique appearance not found in all other Drifz wheel models.

By: Sean Bowes
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