Dick Cepek Tires Review - The Benefits of Radial Technology

Dick Cepek Tires Review - The Benefits of Radial Technology

tire girlPeople have been loading up on Dick Cepek tires since the early ‘60s.
Dick Cepek Tires were started in 1963 before off-roading was ever taken seriously. Its founder, Dick Cepek, went on to help popularize the entire off-roading culture with his company, even earning a place in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Since its inception, the Dick Cepek brand has always taken great pride in providing top quality tires and wheels to its customers. Because like its owner, they know what off-roading is all about. One of their best moves: incorporating radial ply designs into their tires.

dick cepek
Underneath It All, There’s the Tire Ply

On the surface of a tire is the tread, which helps with digging and traction. But, the tread isn’t the only important part of the tire. Underneath the tire’s surface, there’s the ply that helps to give shape and strength. This section of the tire is sometimes referred to as the carcass. The ply of a tire is constructed from a series of cords that are laid out in a variety of re-enforcing patterns.

Today, there are two major types of ply styles used in the production of tires: cross-ply and radial. Each is used for different reasons and to accentuate different features.

Cross Ply Design

Cross-ply (or bias-ply) has a series of cords that are laid out at +60 and -60 degree angles that criss-cross over each other. This forms a rigid, re-enforced structure.

radial vsSection 1 showcases the typical cross-ply section. Section 2 showcases the parallel radial design.
Radial Ply Design

Radial ply indicates that the series of cords have been arranged in a parallel structure that runs from lip to lip, causing the structure to run at a perpendicular 90 degree angle against the road.
The parallel structure causes the ply not to rub against each other and creates better fuel economy and gives a bulging look to the tire. With this parallel structure though, these tires require additional belts for extra strength that are often made out of steel, polyester, or Aramid fiber.

Dick Cepek Tires

Dick Cepek Tires have once again proven why they are the very best by staying one step ahead of the game. Dick Cepek tires like the Dick Cepek Crusher Tire are designed using this advanced radial tire technology.

dick cepek crusherDick Cepek tires are amongst the most popular off-roading tires on the market today.
The Crusher Tire features radial ply technology for superior uniformity and ride. The sidewalls have a 3 ply technology for extra strength, as well. Additionally, the Dick Cepek Crusher Tire has a unique tread pattern with aggressive tread lugs and a high tow rating for greater towing capabilities.

The next time that you’re shopping for a tire (especially an off-road tire) check out Dick Cepek and their radial ply designs.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 27th, 2013
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