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Cragar Wheels Articles and Reviews

A Guideline for Purchasing Cragar Wheels
For several years, Cragar has established a brand name in the American automotive industry. Cragar utilizes quality materials and modern technology to design and manufacture quality and durable wheels on the market.With Cragar wheels, you are sure of smooth and comfortable on all kinds of terrain. Therefore, if you need class, style and performance, be ready to spend on Cragar wheels without comprising your budget.
Cragar Wheels: The Epitome Of Old School
Cragar Wheels is still in the hot rod business. For years there has been one wheel that has dominated the hot rod world; the Cragar S/S. Whether you’re into Mustangs or Camaros, chances are you’ve been around someone rocking a set of S/S wheels. However, just because you’ve seen the wheels, doesn’t mean you know about the company.
The Cragar S/S Wheel: The Most Iconic Wheel of All-Time
The Cragar S/S Wheel is iconic. Back in the mid to late 60s, there was a major surge in the popularity of American muscle cars and American automobiles. Drivers wanted to go faster and look tougher. Because of this, there needed to be a wheel that could handle the new pressure. That wheel turned out to be the Cragar S/S. Over the years, the Cragar S/S has gained a reputation for being the toughest, most durable, and coolest wheel of all-time.