Considerations for Installing Custom Mud Flaps on Lifted Trucks

Considerations for Installing Custom Mud Flaps on Lifted Trucks

Lifted trucks will always stand out from the rest on the road thanks to their monstrous looks. Since trucks are mostly lifted for enhanced appeal, getting the right accessories is very important. The accessories depend on the function and environment the truck will be used in. For those who will be going off road, getting the right accessories that offer protection from those conditions is vital. There are many such accessories but the most overlooked yet important ones are the mud flaps.
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Getting custom mud flaps for lifted trucks is not as straightforward a process as most people think. It involves state laws that have to be observed if you do not want to be pulled over. Different states have different laws regarding custom mud flaps on lifted trucks. Below, we will look at some of the general legal considerations for mud flaps.

Length of the Flaps

When choosing the right mud flap, make sure its length is not more that 8 inches from the bottom of the truck to the ground. In most states, the ideal length should be somewhere on the midsection of the tires. Do check the laws of your state to be safe. If you will be driving through different states, go with the ideal length that extends to the midsection of the tires.
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When attaching the mud flap, make sure there is a proper distance between it and the tire. It should be close enough to absorb all debris but not too close to obstruct the tire. Also, make sure the flap can maintain its vertical position at all times.

Width of the Flaps

As most of you already know, the mud flaps need to cover the entire back surface of the tire for it to be considered a ‘perfect fit’. Most mud flaps on the market are around 24 inches wide. This is the standard size but you can still get smaller ones that are 12 inches wide and even larger ones. Having the right width is important as it helps direct water splashes away from the vehicle’s body.
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Materials used to Make the Flaps

Mud flaps are made using different materials for different applications. There are those made with tough polyurethane while others are made using metal. The one you end up choosing should be guided by the terrain you will be driving on. There are those with support braces that make it easier to attach and detach them. These corrosion resistant support braces are perfect when off road but are not legal to use on the highway in most states.

By: James Langston
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