Choosing the Right Truck Lights

Choosing the Right Truck Lights

For many off road truck drivers, aftermarket truck lights are popular accessories to get when upgrading their rides. Truck lights may be used for visibility purposes but some drivers want them fitted just for aesthetics. Aftermarket truck lights are popular accessories as they are easy to install and will not take much space leaving you with enough space to mount other accessories. To help choose the right truck lights for your vehicle, understanding what these lights are and the value they add to the truck is important.

Fog Lights

There are quite a number of truck lights that can be fitted on your vehicle. The main ones are the fog lights mainly used for improving visibility in low-lying areas that are covered with fog. Most trucks come with fog lights pre-installed by the manufacturer and the aftermarket ones are for those who want extra coverage. When thinking of fog lights, one needs to look at Halogen lights as these are considered the best ones among all fog lights. Halogen lights cover a wider area, are practical and come in convenient shapes and sizes to fit perfectly on your truck.


Floodlights are also popular aftermarket lights and those who may want to drive deep in the jungle mostly prefer them. Floodlights have very good illumination compared to most other aftermarket lights. With these lights fitted, the driver will be able to easily see ahead even in the darkest of nights. Before getting floodlights, it is important to know that it is illegal to use them in the city as they will blind oncoming drivers causing accidents.

Driving Lights

These lights lie in the middle between floodlights and the normal truck headlights. These lights are used to improve visibility by boosting the illumination of the headlights. Since these lights compliment the trucks’ headlights, they should always face straight ahead. These lights are very bright and should be lowered to avoid blinding other road users unless there is no oncoming traffic.


These three are just the main categories of aftermarket truck lights to help you when choosing one. These categories can further be divided into smaller ones depending on where they are fitted and functionality. These categories may include safety lights, cab roof lights, headlights, taillights, spotlights, and many more. When choosing what lights to go for, it is wise to consider the cost, intended use, brightness, illumination distance, the style you want to portray and the laws in the sate you are in.

By: Jon Aragon
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