Being Cool with TIS Wheels and President Myles Kovacs

Being Cool with TIS Wheels and President Myles Kovacs

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Around the automotive world, it’s become a known fact that TIS Wheels (which stands for Twenty Inches Strong) are as cool as cool gets. Author Ben Pate says  of the highly popular brand, “If you’re looking at your ride and wondering what you can do to improve it, well, TIS Rims and your street cred go hand-in-hand. In fact, these things look good even while they’re still in the shopping carton.”

TIS Wheels have gotten so cool that every celebrity and their brother are lining up to endorse and be photographed with the premier product. Some of the biggest names associated with TIS Wheels include:
  • Professional athletes  Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carmelo Anthony, and Jerry Rice
  • Music stars DJ Skribbles, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, and rapper Sean Paul

But how did TIS Wheels get this reputation?

Well, it all starts with one man: TIS president Myles Kovacz.

As a kid, Myles Kovacs was just another no name gearhead, obsessed with talking about anything automotive related. He grew up lower, working class and at the time, there seemed to be limitations on his life, just like there was on everybody else in the neighborhood.

kovacsHere is TIS Wheels president and Dub Magazine founder Myles Kovacs.
Kovacs says, “Growing up in East L.A., you think you have to be hard, you have to project a certain image. I barely passed high school. Teachers thought I was stupid; I thought I was dumb and that I’d never be anything. So, I had to get rid of that chip on my shoulder, I had to get rid of that anger.”

When he came to the realization that only he was in control of his life, Kovacs opened himself up. He started to look for ways to make money off what he was interested in: automobiles. At 16, he took a job as a delivery boy at Modern Auto. Over the years, he worked himself up into the garage and eventually all the way up to manager. Along the way, he worked on customizing rides for Death Row record artists Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Tupac Shakur.

Making a Serious Push with Dub Magazine

But his biggest breakthrough came in 1999 as he was watching a car auction on television. During the broadcast, he saw that country singer Alan Jackson’s Mercedes had sold for double its actual worth. It was at that moment that he came up for the idea of Dub Magazine, a publication that showcases the hottest rides in the music world. Kovacs says, “If it wasn’t for Alan Jackson, I would have never come up with Dub. I’ve never met him, but I always tell people I need to meet Alan Jackson and tell him thank you.”

Today, Dub magazine is considered to be the coolest, hippest, and one of the most respected automotive publications in the entire world. In fact, it was so highly thought of that Kovacs’s reputation quickly ascended, which helped him to land the job at TIS Wheels.

From the beginning, the partnership between Kovacs and TIS Wheels has seemed to be a match made in auto heaven. Since his time at the forefront of TIS, Kovacs has helped to establish the brand in the same light as Dub Magazine. Today, TIS Wheels are viewed as extremely hip, cool, and capable of delivering elite, high-level performance. In fact, they’ve become so popular that they’ve been featured on Pimp my Ride, MTV Cribs, and of course, inside the pages of Dub Magazine. With this type of credibility, it’s no wonder why everybody loves TIS Wheels.

Posted on February 20th, 2014
By: Tim Snyder
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