American Force Wheels One For The Duallys

American Force Wheels: One For The Duallys

Based out of Miami, American Force Wheels started in 1995 as a wheel manufacturer that built custom wheels for small import and domestic car owners in the South Florida region. At the time, owner Ray Shadravan was focused on sports cars, but he always kept his eyes on the growing aftermarket for truck owners.

In 2003, Shadravan decided that he wanted to shift American Force’s manufacturing to truck wheels. However, he wasn’t convinced that truck owners would believe in the quality of his wheels just because their reputation with sports cars was so great. To make enthusiasts believe that the “proof was in the pudding,” Shadravan began creating?3/4-ton and 1-ton truck conversions to showcase their innovative wheel designs. Shadravan hired longtime friend Robert Martell (who is now the ?General Manager) were able to show the world what their wheels were capable of handling.

For American Force Wheels, business was good. They had a series of popular wheels that had developed a cult following with the dually crowd. However, their wheels were only selling well in Florida. Yet, in 2005, a series of hurricanes and tropical storms wreaked havoc across the Florida, but where there was some good that came from the storms.

As volunteers and rescue crews drove their trucks from the north to help clean up from hurricanes, they couldn’t help but notice the wheels on many Miami duallies. So, while these truck enthusiasts were in town for relief work, they began to notice Martell’s and Shadravan’s conversions. Soon calls were coming from all over the country for their wheels. It was the start of their legacy.

Different Than Rest

American Force Wheels is a leader in the aftermarket wheel industry. Because of their modern designs, versatility and durability, true truck enthusiasts have noticed the distinct craftsmanship that goes into all of American Force’s wheels.

American Force Wheels dually models give 3/4-ton and 1-ton truck owners who use their vehicles to tow the ability to run semi-truck or heavy-duty trailer commercial-grade tires in 19.5 or 22.5 sizes.

The use of the American Force Wheel dually wheel in conjunction with a commercial grade tire can take the strain off the load of any large truck. Just think for a moment about how many miles a semi truck travels each year. Commercial tires are specially made to go extreme distances and handle enormous load capacities without compromising traction.

According to the wheel brand, some drivers racking up to?20,000 miles per month, and they change tires three to four times annually, which gets absurdly expensive. By using an American Force Wheel dually wheel and commercial truck tire combo, drivers have reportedly seen three to four times longer tire life, which keeps them on the road longer with more money in the bank.

Another way American Force Wheels differs from its competition is that every product is custom – they carry no inventory at all.

“Since day one, American Force Wheels has made it part of our business operations to first listen to customer’s needs and wants,” says a spokesperson for the company. “(We) design a wheel that delivers the performance and looks desired.”

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels

When truck owners start looking for wheels that are big and bad, they will certainly come across a few models from American Force. They specialize in 19-inch and 19.5-inch wheels, which can direct bolt-on, requiring no modifications at all to your suspension. Additionally, American Force Wheels is the only company that offers a true 20-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch dually wheels. Currently, American Force Wheels offers dually wheels in 65 designs for all-terrain, mud-terrain, low-profile and big rig use and appearance.

Sizes include: 19” Direct Bolt-On • 19.5” Direct Bolt-On • 20” • 22” • 22.5” • 24” • 24.5” • 26”

Some of our favorite wheels include:

  • Bause Black: Available in 20’’ to 26’’, these monster wheels are a great choice for dually owners that want to add a mirror finish to their rig.
  • Classic Polished:  Most of American Force’s Wheels have an ultra-modern design, but that doesn’t mean they forgot about the classics. These wheels have a trusted offset, durable chrome and perfect backspacing to give your truck a custom look.
  • Dolla Polished: If you’re looking to add bling to your truck, look no further. The Dolla features a blinding chrome finish and custom dollar signs around the face of the wheels to let everyone know that you have money on your mind. The beadlock look around the outside of the rim is icing on the cake.

What’s Next For American Force?

American Force Wheels continues to innovate and is always creating new market-leading products on the market. Their quest to delivering quality, style and functionality with their products make them a the premiere choice for dually owners.. It’s most recent creation is the Special Forces Series, a line of forged aluminum wheels that feature rugged and original designs to grab attention on any strip.

The Special Forces wheels feature a diamond-cut face design that stands out against a flat black or textured black finish, with some styles sporting a polished outer lip. So, if you’re looking to update your dually’s wheel game, keep your eyes on to see the latest designs from American Force Wheels.

By Sean Bowes
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