All You Need to Know About Bushwacker Fender Flares

All You Need to Know About Bushwacker Fender Flares

If you are a truck or SUV owner, then Bushwacker fender flare offers perfect protection and style. For more than four decades, Bushwacker has built its reputation as the key manufacturer of truck accessories and fender flares. With rigorous innovation and excellent design, you can easily upgrade your truck’s or SUV’s design and style.
Ford F-150

The Installation Steps

It is so easy to install Bushwacker fender flares and it will take you about 10 to 15 minutes for you to finish a completion. For a complete installation, take note of the following steps in order to install Bushwacker fender flares for yourself.

First, unbolt your existing Bushwacker fender flares and remove them from your truck or SUV. Factory fender flares are held using bolts which you can easily access by going behind the fender.

Then lay new Bushwacker fender flares against your truck’s body and ensure that you have fitted them correctly. Ensure that the bottom edge line up with fender’s bottom while the front edge must line up with your truck’s bumper.

If you truck do not have factory fender flares, you should drill holes on your truck’s body. Then it is important that you carefully follow all guideline/template that comes with your kit.
Jeep cherokee

Install the double-sided foam tape that is located on the fender flare’s backside. However, it is important for you to wait until you are ready to install your Bushwacker fender flares prior peeling off the second tape.

Then bolt the fender flares on your truck’s body, then repeat the whole process with every Bushwacker fender flare.

Bushwacker’s fender flares can offer you aggressive appearance and extra tire coverage. The pocket flares give you a bolted look and you do not require drilling. The flares come with screws that effectively fasten. Furthermore, the bolts attach to the fender flare. The only drilling you need is to drill the flares in order to accommodate the bolts.
Ford F-150


Adding protection, additional tire coverage and style to your ford, Nissan, Chevy and Toyota has never been an easy task. Bushwacker provides a wide range of fender flare styles and each is specifically designed to give you a great look. Bushwacker fender flares are manufactured using Dura-Flex ABS material and feature matte black matte black finish that resist cracking or fading. You can paint them to match your vehicle’s color. Furthermore, the fender flares have an aggressive and muscular looks. For combination of function and form, Bushwacker fender flares are the best option for you.

By: Jon Aragon
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