Advanti Wheels - Delivering F1 Performance

While walking around the vehicles at the recent SEMA Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, there was one company that was generating a lot of interest with the sport-luxury crowd. At 4WheelOnline, we are usually drawn to the lifted trucks and rock crawling Jeeps, but we can appreciate anything that is performance minded.

Nearing the Advanti Wheel company booth, professional racers, industry workers and car freaks where all checking out the latest wheels from the sport-luxury brand. For nearly two decades, Advanti has been offering a wide selection of wheels for import and domestic sports cars, but until recently, the company has been well-kept secret to many tuners.

Fighting through the crowds, we were able to get a glimpse at what the commotion was about. What we found was pristine sets of F1-Inspired wheels sitting on top of customized sport-luxury cars. This was something we could get into. All of their wheels had an amazing finish, a lightweight design and a modern style that was obviously engineered by hardcore racers.

When we left SEMA, we knew we needed to offer Advanti Wheels to our customers.  Today, we offer more than a dozen different Advanti Wheels, which are available in a variety of sizes, widths and offsets. These high quality wheels are quickly becoming the first choice for anyone who is looking staggered fitments, aggressive designs and head-turning performance.

Advanti’s Wildest Designs

For wheel enthusiasts who are looking for the wheels that come with a modern look that will turn heads at the strip as well as the car show, they usually come across a few different models from the Advanti Catalogue. No matter which Advanti Wheel you purchase, you can put your mind at ease when entering the apex of a turn, because they are engineered to perfection.

However, with a huge selection of different wheels and styles, it can be difficult to choose which Advantito purchase. Luckily, we picked a handful of wild wheels off our shelves to give you a clear look at the quality of Advanti.

  • Advanti Traktion:  These gloss and chrome wheels have the luxury look of a custom wheel with a race-inspired five-spoke pattern. These wheels are perfect for enthusiasts who are looking to run a staggered set up on their ride. Available in a variety of widths and sizes (up to 20x.9.5’’), the options are endless for owners who need their ride to stand out.   
  • Advanti Fastoso:Basket weave and mesh wheels are becoming just as popular as spoke designed wheels. The Fastoso combines the classic look of a mesh wheel and mixes it with some flash and style by combining a matte black finish with silver accents. This wheel is also available in staggered fitments, too.  
  • Advanti Kudos You don’t need to go to Chicago to get Deep Dish. The Advanti Kudos has the deepest dish of all the Advanti Wheels. Available in sizes up to 20x10’’, these wheels make any luxury ride look stunning.

Who Makes Advanti Wheels?

According to a spokesperson for Advanti, every wheel that comes from their manufacturing headquarters has been inspected and tested to pass safety regulations in all corners of the world including, USA, Germany and Japan. For the last 60 years, YHI International, the same company that makes Advanti wheels, has been overseeing the production of other high-end wheel brands

The company’s introduction of Advanti wheels came from the demand of an affordable wheel that possessed the qualities of a high-end luxury rim that had the spirit of F1 racing.

So, the when it’s time to upgrade your old OEM wheels to something that blends the styles of F1 with ultra-luxury, consider Advanti Wheels, there is a reason enthusiasts are crowing around them.

By Sean Bowes
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