Vision Wheels - A Quick Look

Vision Wheels - A Quick Look

When a customer is looking to purchase the absolute best quality wheels, they will most likely come across a few different styles manufactured by Vision Wheels. With their main facilities in Alabama, Vision manages to produce some of the most high quality wheels on the market. All of their products are designed in the U.S.A. and the reputation for performance is undisputedly one of the best you can buy. 

A Long History in Luxury

Vision Wheels has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Their company has been featured in a number national racing magazines and websites, and enthusiasts from all over the world have test their wheels with great results. Since the company’s inception to the car world in 1978, Vision Wheels has grown into one of the most popular American wheel companies, ever. However, just because there are dozens of different styles of wheels available from Vision, it doesn’t mean that it is a massive conglomerate. Vision is run as a tight knit family with only 50 employees working between their three main offices.

To keep up with the latest trends in rims, Vision has made sure to offer wheels for a variety of different vehicles. Below are some of the different styles of wheels that Vision currently offers.

  • ATV Wheels: There’s no reason that customizing your ride needs to end at your truck. Vision Wheels has ATV riders covered with Chrome and Deep Dish Wheels to keep you rolling in style.
  • Heavy Duty Truck Wheels: Whether you are shopping for a dualie, your lifted truck or your towing machine, Vision has a huge selection of different sizes and lug patterns of wheels. 4 Wheelonline currently carries more than 40 different sizes of Vision Wheels for trucks and trailers.
  • Luxury Wheels: If custom wheels are in your future, be sure to check out the newest Millani and Vision rims. Ranging in sizes from 17’’ all the way to 28’’, there style to fit your “bling” needs.
  • Racing Wheels: For 34 years Vision has always had wheels for guys that like to go fast. From mag rims to light weight alloy rims, there are one-piece cast wheels that will bring attention to your car when it’s hitting the racetrack. Consider the Matte Black finish for a modern racing look.

Vision Wheels Today

When enthusiasts are looking to outfit their homes with tasteful wheels, they are usually disappointed with the selection offered by some wheels brands. The aesthetics of a well-built truck can be destroyed with the introduction of a cheaply made and wrong sized set of rims. With Vision Wheels, their endless catalogue of sizes and lug patterns has made sure you never get stuck with the wrong product. Now truck drivers don’t have to settle on a boring set of wheels because they can’t find the right size on the latest style of rims; their ride can quickly become the centerpiece of every parking lot.

“Just being a mediocre driver has never been my ambition,” said F1 driver Michael Schumacher. “It’s just not my style.”

For Vision Wheels, just making mediocre wheels isn’t their style. Putting every effort into durable, modern and stylish wheels that look good without sacrificing performance is what has kept them a leader in the wheel market.

Whatever Vision Wheels has in store for the future, enthusiasts can rest assured that the quality and care that goes into making the excellent goods will be unmatched.

By Sean Bowes
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