A Brighter Future with LED Light Bars

Driving at night or in sleet or snow can be a hazardous venture with poor visibility. Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Bars are designed to improve driving conditions by providing reliable, strong lighting wherever the trail may lead. There are several reasons you should consider installing them on your vehicle. LED Light Bars:
LED light bar

See Brighter and Further

The ideal driving lights illuminate far ahead of the vehicle, with a wide spread and most importantly with a bright beam. To provide a great combination of brightness and spread, LED Light Bars produce beams of varying intensities, stronger in the middle and less so towards the outer ends of the bars. This allows for both close range and long range visibility.

Use Less Energy

LED Light Bars efficiently use up to five times less power than halogen lights, ensuring your battery lasts long even if lit when the vehicle is parked. They also emit less heat despite their brighter lighting. LED light bars can be stacked without the danger of spiking your car’s electrical system like high output halogen lights do.

Can Take a Beating

LED Light Bars are moisture resistant and can withstand the heaviest downpours. They are also heavy duty enough to survive bumpy trails. Since they do not rotate like light bulbs, they will not shake loose. This makes them the perfect lighting solution for off-road adventurers.
LED light bar

Last Longer than Others

The average lifespan of an LED light bar is 35000 hours compared to 15000 hours on a halogen light bulb. This is mostly because they don’t use a filament that is prone to burning out. Their efficient energy use also results in durability.

Are Trendy

LED Light bars add an aggressive flair to your truck’s custom look. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be stacked for maximum effect. These lights are some of the trendiest and most functional aftermarket modifications available.

Are Flexible

LED Light Bars can be mounted on different locations e.g. the bumper, windshield or hood. This provides plenty of options for different types of vehicles and allows efficient use of space for unique customizing options.
LED light bar

Are Cost Effective

Although LED Light Bars currently cost more than conventional halogen lights, in the long run, they may be a more cost effective option. They do not need to be replaced often. They are also low maintenance because of their hardiness. Because they are lighter in weight, require less electrical current and produce less heat, they significantly save on utility bills. These repair, replacement and utility savings can especially be beneficial when running a fleet of trucks.

Now you don’t have to compromise on visibility when driving. Light up your path with some stylish LED Light Bars. They shine brighter, last longer and are more energy efficient than any other lighting solutions in the market. For an assortment of single stack and double stack LED Light Bars from well established manufacturers, visit our LED Light Bar page at 4wheelonline

By: Jon Aragon
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