A Brief Look Into Niche Wheels Racing Series

A Brief Look Into Niche Wheels Racing Series

Niche wheels is one company that has come a long way from outsourcing the production process to bringing it in house in its California based headquarters. For a long time, the company has focused on manufacturing different styles of wheels for passenger cars and SUVs. Just recently, it unveiled new styles for the ultra modern drivers. One of these is the racing series that is designed for race cars and racing oriented drivers.
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The Niche racing series wheels have a dual lug cast monoblock construction made specifically for those who want better performance on the road. These wheels are made to be light, strong and to accept large brake caliper upgrades.

The Monza M140 Wheels

The Monza M140 wheels have a low profile design that still stands out on the road. The multifit stud pattern of these wheels helps enhance their overall appearance while improving strength. These wheels are designed for those who want unmatched style and the best performance on the road. They come in a black machined finish that can easily match with any vehicle of any color.

These wheels have a split 5 spoke pattern and are only available in 18 inches.
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NR10 M122 Wheels

With a matte black finish, these wheels are designed for those who want a bold and aggressive look. They are available in two size options of 17 and 18 inches with varying widths and offsets to ensure they can fit on a wide range of vehicles from Audis, BMWs to the Mustangs. The M122 wheels have a 10-spoke pattern that is very sporty and stylish at the same time.

NR10 M123 Wheels

The NR10 M123 wheels and the NR10 M122 wheels are similar in a lot of ways with the only difference being the NR10 M123 wheels have a black machined face. This gives the wheels a stylish appeal that turns heads every time you show up. The 10-spoke pattern of these wheels is stylish and helps improve the structural strength of the wheels.

The NR6 M105 Wheels

The NR6 M105 wheels are high performance wheels designed for those who want a race like experience. These wheels have a unique Gun metal or matte grey finish that stands out on the road. They are available in 17 and 18-inch sizes in varying offsets that can fit on most vehicles. They are made with high quality materials and undergo innovative quality control processes to ensure they are durable and reliable.
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The NR6 M106 Wheels

The NR6 M106 wheels are high performance wheels designed for racing enthusiasts. They are designed with a multi-fit stud pattern that improves the structural strength and style of the wheels. These wheels come in a black milled finish to give the car they are fitted on a smooth and classy appearance. They can fit on a wide range of vehicles as they come in 17 and 18-inch sizes with varying offsets.

By: James Langston
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