Why You Should Lift Your Truck

Why You Should Lift Your Truck

It’s a common sight: A truck owner who thinks they are doing the right thing by keeping their truck the stock height while spending money on aftermarket goodies like growling exhausts and loud sound systems. That’s fine for impressing kids at the local high school, but serious truck enthusiasts know the difference between a truck that can perform and one that was built purely for show.

The fact remains that lifted suspension is one of the greatest performance enhancers you can do for your truck. The effect of a lifted suspension can drastically change the geometry of truck, which means that it can be a smoother drive on the highway, and once you get your vehicle on the off-road, you can be expect to conquer difficult conditions and obstacles without any problems.

Suspension Lift Kits are often used to improve visibility, add ground space and increase your wheel clearance for wider and beefier tires.

Making Towing a Breeze

At 4WheelOnline, we know that one of the main reasons that truck owners lift their trucks is to make things easier when hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer. Because trucks tend to “squat down” when loaded up with heavy supplies or hauling a full trailer, it can add stress to all of the your suspension components including ball joints and control arms. A lift kit allows your truck to keep a steady, level stance while putting weight in the bed of your truck or on the ball of your tow hitch.

Additionally, a suspension lift kit on your truck or SUV will give a smoother, more comfortable ride which improves straight line performance to with your increased towing capabilities. Plus enthusiasts who use lift kits on their work trucks have reported better road holding and braking, and increased gas mileage. This is especially true for truck owners who use their trucks to tow extreme heavy loads.

Installing a Suspension Lift Kit will create the needed space to eliminate bottoming out and even gives a comfortable cushion for riding over rough roads, trails, and bumps, which peace of mind when towing precious cargo.

Buying a Quality Lift Kit

Skyjacker: Since 1970, Skyjacker has been developing smooth riding suspension for trucks and SUVs. As their name suggests, Skyjacker suspension takes pride in bringing enthusiasts to new heights with their long arm suspension systems. With more than 35 years experience in raising trucks, Skyjacker components have become synonymous with quality lift kits.

Metal Mulisha: Backed by off-road legends, Metal Mulisha offers a lift kit with an attitude. Engineered to handle 37’’ tires, these kits are not for the faint of heart. The custom look of blood red coils with black accents give the coilover shocks a devastating, but the real joy of installing these kits is the smooth ride from heavy-duty cross members and rear monotube gas-filled shocks, which make driving any truck any experience to remember.

Tuff Country: Tuff Country offers lift kits for all different makes and models of trucks, SUVs and Jeeps, so there’s no Jerry-rigging when installing any of their components. For more than 15 years, Tuff Country has offered top-of-the-line suspension goodies for drivers who demand high-end aftermarket parts. Tuff Country makes all of their systems in-house where they powdercoat, and measure every bracket before it gets shipped, which means perfect fitment every time.

Rize: If you haven’t heard of this company, you will soon. Rize is an up and coming suspension brands that is taking the off-roading world by storm. Battling competition with insane monster trucks and custom 4WD Machines, Rize builds true bolt-on suspension kits that cannot be beat for the money. Enthusiasts should also check out their newest shocks, stabilizers and accessories, as well.

Most of the quality aftermarket lift kits that are available today are easy to install and are vehicle-specific, so there is no cutting or trimming fenders required. Plus, once your parts professionally installed and you have had a proper alignment, there is no other special maintenance involved with owning a lifted truck. Additionally, the latest aftermarket kits are extremely durable and can take rough abuse without any worries.

So, the next time you are looking at your truck with its boring OEM height and stock tires, remember that a quality lift kit can bring joy to your machine while adding valuable qualities. For many truck owners, a lift kit is the perfect combination of a modification that blends looks and performance. The only thing you need to ask yourself is “what am I waiting for?”

If you’re still unsure about lifting your truck, be sure to ask the off-roading experts at 4WheelOnline.com by calling 813-769-2451. The gearheads are more than happy to answer any questions about lifting your automobile and which specific lift kit is perfect for your application.

By Sean Bowes
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