What to Keep in Mind When Buying Grille Guards

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Grille Guards

Truck grille guards are used to protect the front end of a truck from damages and still keep it looking good. Many road users- including some truck owners- know what grille guards are but do not know all the benefits they add to the truck. Before buying truck grille guards Grille Guards, it is important to know how to choose the perfect one and what value they add to a vehicle.
Grill guards are the best way to keep your truck safe

Protecting the Front Part of the Truck

Most of the grille guards on the market are made using tubular steel for maximum protection of the truck’s front-end region and also protect the radiator, keeping your vehicle performing as expected. On top of all that, they also help to protect the headlights and lenses from oncoming debris and other vehicles.

Grille guards are available in many different finishes to fit on a wide range to match with the many different vehicle colours. When choosing a grille guard, it is advised to go for one that matches with other vehicle accessories for an all round stylish look.

Custom Fitting Grille Guards

There are different grille guards out there made for different trucks. Most of these guards are custom made for a specific truck to ensure they fit easily and quickly. This is because no drilling is required during installation. Some of the most popular custom fitting guards include Westin, Go Industries and Nasta grille guards.

Grill guards are the best way to keep your truck safe
There are other grille guards- particularly OEM options- that are not easy to install and may require a skilled mechanic.

Complete Kit with Additional Accessories

Buying a new grille guard can be quite challenging, as these guards are packaged differently. There are manufacturers who package them as one but they sell the grille guard and its accompanying components (often skid plates or brush guards) separately. This helps the driver choose what kit to buy and whether the added accessories add value to his/her truck. This helps save money on unwanted accessories.

These additional accessories may be important especially for drivers who drive through extreme off road environments.
Grill guards are the best way to keep your truck safe

The Type/Gauge of Steel Used

Steel is the most common material used on grille guards, but the gauge of steel varies from one guard to the other. Knowing what type of steel is used helps in the selection process. Thicker steel makes the grille guard heavier and stronger. This provides perfect protection but can also add significant weight to your car leading increased fuel consumption. Before settling for a particular guard, the driver needs to decide if he/she will be comfortable with the guard and the extra weight it adds.

By: James Langston
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