What There Is To Know About ATV Winches

What There Is To Know About ATV Winches

Going off road using an ATV needs some more accessories for those who need extra functionality. One of these accessories is the ATV winch that is essential for those who want to haul cargo with their ATVs. To ensure you use the winch effectively, it is recommended you read the owner’s manual beforehand. Consulting the manual ensures the winch does not disappoint you.
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Operating Principles and Techniques

Most ATV winches have the same operating principles and techniques. You can find the specific principles and techniques from the owner’s manual. The information contained in the manual is helpful for those who are not that skilled enough. The manual also contains the safety information that should be observed for a safe experience.

Before heading out to use the winch, make sure it has been tested to ensure it is functioning as expected. Testing the winch gives you the skills that may come in handy when on the trail. When testing the winch, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations at all times.
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Like most other winches, ATV winches get their power from the electric motor that is transferred to the gear mechanism and in the end turn the winch drum that winds down the wire rope. Included in these winches are brakes and clutches that are essential to the functioning of the winch. When the winch motor is stopped and a load is added to the wire rope, the brake engages the winch drum automatically.

The clutch on the other hand helps the winch drum disengage from the drive train and this allows the drum to rotate freely. The combination of the remote control and the electrical controls on the winch allows the driver to stand at a safe distance when operating it. Before hauling any cargo, make sure the ATV frame and the winch’s mounting system can support the weight. The different winches available on the market are designed to haul different weights.
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How Are Winches Useful

Winches are used mostly in off road situations to pull the ATV out of mud, over slippery rocks or back on the trail. They can also be used to get rid of trees or logs that may be blocking the trail. The instructions manual that came with ATV winch has the step-by-step procedures for handling these jobs. There are a variety of manufacturers of ATV Winches, including Smittybilt, Engo, Mile Marker and the popular Warn ATV Winch.

What you do before the winching process will determine how successful you will be. Always plan before the process and use the right equipment and winch accessories for every particular situation. Always handle the winch with gloves to protect yourself from any injuries.

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