Six Features That Make the Warn Zeon Winch A Must Have Accessory

Six Features That Make the Warn Zeon Winch A Must Have Accessory

Warn winches have been in existence for over 60 years and are known for their quality and reliability. The most innovative Warn Winch is the Zeon winch. It is simply a design masterpiece that can tackle anything thrown at it. It is completely re engineered from the ground up to ensure buyers get a winch designed for the modern drivers. Below are six features that make the Warn Zeon winch great and a must have for any off roader.
Red Jeep wrangler with a Warn winch


The Zeon winch features a cast aluminium housing that has durable satin-black finish to reduce rust and corrosion. It also has stainless steel clutch levers and fasteners that not only look great but also prevent against rust and corrosion. It has IP68 winch sealing that prevents the entry of elements that may cause any damages. This ensures the winch stays operational for a very long time without rusting even with rough handling.

The Zeon Winch Is Versatile

Ability to adapt to many different situations is all what these winches were built for. It has a pre-installed convertible control pack that allows the winch to perform as expected. The control convertible pack also allows the winch to be mounted at a remote location such as the engine. This allows for various mounting positions and looks depending on the task.
Warn winch zeon product


The Zeon winch has a unique and innovative design for those who want their vehicles to stand out. The exterior of this winch has a symmetrical design that gives it a capable, advanced and strong look. This styling represents the next generation when it comes to SUV/truck winches. This unique styling makes the winch perfect and attractive for pickup truck owners.

The Zeon Winch Is Quiet

One thing that sets the Zeon winch apart from the rest is how quiet it is. This winch has a newly designed series-wound motor and planetary gear train. These ensure the winch delivers a quiet, fast and reliable pulling power. Just because the winch is quite does not mean it is weak as it is tough enough and capable of tackling anything you want.
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Innovative Design

This winch has innovative features to help improve performance on the road. It has a large diameter drum made using aluminium that is lightweight, reduces rope wear and has integrated rope anchor to make the rope installation process quick and easy. This winch is so advanced and unique that it only borrowed three parts from the existing winches. The pulling capabilities of this winch range between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Zeon winch comes with a one-year warranty on electrical parts and a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts. This just shows how confident Warn industries is with the Zeon winches.

By: James Langston
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