Understanding Step Nerf Bars

Your vehicle’s nerf bars perform a basic function of providing foot support when getting into or exiting your vehicle. The way it does that depends on which kind of nerf bar you have. There is a wide variety of nerf bar designs that work towards the same goal: making it easy for you to exit or enter past that car door.

Step nerf bars are a little bit different
hese include round nerf bars, oval nerf bars, wheel to wheel nerf bars and running boards to name a few. But we have a set of nerf bars that look a bit different: step nerf bars.

How Step Nerf Bars Are Made to Function

Step nerf bars are a little bit different
Most step nerf bars are composed of a tubular bar and a pair of steps, each of which is positioned to fit under a truck door. This means that there is no other area on which one can step on before getting out or in of the vehicle. In addition to this the steps are mounted below the bar thus creating a space that is calibrated to allow maximum room for any foot size. This thus allows passengers to place their feet comfortably on the bar without struggling or getting stuck.

Step nerf bars are a little bit different
It, however, poses the main challenge with step bars. They require a bit more care to use than average nerf bars and running board,s which are more open in structure. To counter the risks of slipping or falling, step nerf bars are made with step pads whose rough surfaces provide additional traction to ensure greater safety when stepped on.

Brand Differences

Different companies design their step nerf bars in different ways. Go Rhino step nerf bars for instance, have an additional step on each bar making them three steps in total.

Step nerf bars are a little bit different
The third step is added to allow easy access to the truck bed. Go Rhino’s step nerf bar’s tubing is thicker than that found on other step nerf bars such as Westin oval tube nerf bars and N Fab step nerf bars which are both 2 inches in diameter. Across the board, you will find that the main nerf tubes where the steps are attached have a diameter of 5 to 6 inches.

Weighty Issues

The best step nerf bars are built to support as much weight as possible. Given the small concentrated space in which they provide support, the weight rating is a key factor to lay into consideration before buying your step nerf bars. Smittybilt nerf bars for instance are built with a 445 pound weight rating which can basically accommodate great levels of pressure. If you are expecting heavier weights (or passengers) into your truck then N-fab step nerf bars provide an additional 20 pounds of capacity to your truck.

By: Sean Bowes
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