The Salient Features of Rancho Shocks

The Salient Features of Rancho Shocks

Rancho is the world leader in the manufacturing of high performance suspension systems and shocks. Built on the history of technology, innovation and experience, the company builds its products to ensure uncompromising performance both on the street and off-road. The Rancho Shocks have prominent features that make them the best on the market.
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Rancho shocks has a massive new shock series that answers the demands of enthusiasts hauling a vehicle, ATV/UTV, camper and whatever else you can imagine. For example, the Rancho RS9000XL shock series are the perfect line of shock absorbers that are recommendable for hauling and towing.

Adjustable Damping

Ranchos RS9000XL shock absorber is designed with an adjustable damping with either 2.38 or 2.75 diameter reverse tube. It massive shock body enables it to function consistently even in most demanding towing or hauling conditions thus enhancing durability and performance. It is constructed using larger than the normal 18-mm diameter chromed piston rod.
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Rancho shocks are finished in liquid metallic silver giving you a classy and stylish look. These shocks are fully compatible with the Ranch MyRIDE Wireless Controller, which is a Specialty Equipment Market Association award winning technology. The controller offers you a one-touch remote tuning of the MyRIDE Tuning System that is another Rancho shock exclusive adjust-ability feature. The wireless controller further has a variety of one-touch presets such as Sport, Highway, off-road, Tow/Haul and a driver-determined MyRide that enables you to set your preferred ride and save it for future use.

These shocks are ideal for larger wheel and tire combinations and they are Available For lowered, lifted, stock as well as custom off-road applications.


Rancho shocks offers resilience against heat and other harsh weather conditions. These monotube shocks are ideal for extreme off-road applications and larger tire and wheel packages. The shocks deliver precise and fast response during towing, hauling or when driving on rough trails and roads. Furthermore Rancho shocks feature less upsprung weight as oil reservoir, can or valves are firmly attached to the frame and not the axle.
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Rancho shock absorbers deliver rugged performance for play and work in any off-road or on road environment. With the Rancho, you have a ride guarantee and a 90-day free-ride offer that enables you as an enthusiast to try the shock absorbers for any SUV or truck for 90 days. Therefore as a consumer you have the option of returning the shocks within a period of 90 days and get a full refund of the product’s price. To know the list of application covered by the warranty, go to Go Rancho.

By: Jon Aragon
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