The Buzz Around Wheel Replica's Distinct Spoke Patterns

Having started out in Katy Texas back in 1994, the company has adopted a work approach that puts the customers at the peak of their concerns. Thus they have quality control agents who manage the demands of customers and ensure that these demands are reflected on the wheel produced. This is why Performance Tires encourages feedback about anything from tire quality to pricing. As a result their wheel designs have very unique profiles that have been borne out of this interactive practice.
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Five Spoke Wheels

At Wheel Replica, the five spoke wheel collective is one that consists of wheels that are completely distinct from each other. They might have the same number of spoke set but the way they are designed makes a whole lot of difference. Take the Wheel Replica C65 Gun metal for instance. This 5 spoke wheel has split spokes on it. The gap between each spoke is larger than those on the SL63 giving it favourable aerodynamic properties. But the SL63 has its own unique way of incorporating the 5 spoke pattern. Instead if one slit at the center of each spoke, it has a double slit which makes it stand out from all their 5 spoke pattern wheels from Wheel Replica.
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Seven Spoke Wheels

They are fewer seven spoke Wheel Replica series than five spoke ones. They cater to anyone who wants a slightly heavier wheel set with more spoke appeal. The Wheel Replica Platinum Chrome Wheel is a fine example of Wheel Replica’s seven spoke applications. It has a split spoke pattern with a wide gap at the center of each spoke. Its center cap is quite large as compared to other wheel models under the brand. In addition to this it comes in large size varieties of 18 or 20 inches making it suitable for small trucks and SUVs.
Matte Grey Ford Mustang

Eight Spoke Wheels

There is only one distinct eight spoke wheel series from Wheel Replica: The Yukon Denali. If you are looking for an eight spoke wheel that carries the appeal and shine that will turn eyes then the Yukon Denali will do the job perfectly. It is made with the most gleaming chrome finish and machine cut lips that can resist scratches and dents. Wheel Replica recommends this wheel for both street driving and off road terrains. It comes in 20 and 22 inch sizes which is ideal for drivers who like a little more height to their ride.

By: Sean Bowes
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