Quality, Power and Sound Is What MagnaFlow Exhausts Are About

Quality, power and sound is the philosophy and slogan of MagnaFlow exhausts. This is what the company has focused on since it started 30 years ago. The products give the power and sound that has been unmatched for a long time. MagnaFlow has a wide range of products that should be on top of the list of any driver who wants to take his/her truck to the next level. These products are as discussed below.
Close up picture of the Mangaflow exhaust tips

MagnaFlow Performance Exhausts

MagnaFlow cat back exhaust systems are built for drivers who want a rich and smooth tone from their rides. They are made out of 100% steel for maximum durability and come with lifetime warranty. These are corrosion resistant exhausts that are designed to last long making them economical as there will be no need to replace them occasionally. MagnaFlow exhausts are fit-checked and dyno tested in the factory to ensure they perform as expected. The attention to detail put in during production creates innovative products that Sport Truck™ Magazine referred to as "the best [finish] on the market". With MagnaFlow exhausts, there are no baffles, no sharp and No louvers, you just get a straight path for improved torque and horsepower.
Fish eye lens of a high-end sports car

MagnaFlow Mufflers

MagnaFlow mufflers have innovative and their bodies have high-strength and heavy duty stainless steel. This material is important as these mufflers are designed to handle extreme heat on the road. The entire body of the muffler is covered with acoustical suppression material that does a good job of absorbing the sound produced. The acoustical suppression material works well with these mufflers as it can be used in extreme temperatures. These mufflers are bi-directional and have a lap joint welding that makes them superior and long lasting. Durability of these mufflers is also a result of the core that is one piece.
Dodge Ram pictured from the rear

MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters

When fitting new exhausts, it is important to look at the environmental standards set for your specific state. This is to protect you from run-ins with authorities. MagnaFlow catalytic converters are designed to abide by the environmental laws of the different states. The strength of these catalytic converters makes them perfect for heavy-duty applications and performance.

MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Tips

MagnaFlow stainless steel tips are designed for those who want the great looks and amazing sound without spending so much. Most of these exhaust tips come with clamps that make it easier to install them. The steel used makes these exhaust tips strong and durable guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

By: James Langston
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