How to Be an XD Star in Your Dually Truck

How to Be an XD Star in Your Dually Truck

The XD Rockstar Wheels are filled with flare. If you have a set of these hot items on your ride, then you are officially a part of the Rockstar drivers club. The good news is that you don’t have to look like everybody else in the club.

XD Rockstar designs its wheels for custom fitting on every known car brand out there. We are talking about a wide range of wheels that are made to work for over 45 different vehicle brands from Nissans to Maseratis without losing its unique feel. To add to the line of amazing wheels, KMC came up with a Rockstar dually wheel model for those aggressive trucks that need more beef under the trunk.

Introducing Rockstar’s Dually Wheels

Every truck owner is excited about the XD Rockstar’s Dually M wheel series. Most Rockstar wheel models before this were composed of thinner wheel spoke designs that didn’t quite present that beefy look that is especially favored by truckers.

In came the XD775 Rockstar Dually series for dually trucks, which contains a distinctively thick 5 star spoke structure and an 8 lug pattern around the center cap. It is the first and only of its kind from XD and it carries the same performance standards and style as all other XD wheels. The center cap has the XD Rockstar star visibly emblazoned on its surface thus keeping the wheels unmistakable identity clear.

Kmc wheels are huge
With a very strategic lug pattern, the XD755 Rockstar Dually is a fortified mean machine that will produce the most support and stability to your truck. It also weighs 3200 pounds, which is an optimum weight for a truck wheel. This – along with the tight lug pattern - also ensures that the wheel maintains its position whether on an off road trail or on the highway. Therefore in contrast to other dually wheels in the market you will not to do frequent centering on these wheels to keep them constantly aligned. This wheel is compatible with a variety of car makes including Chevrolets, GMC, Fords and Wranglers which have dually truck models.

More Color and Size than You Can Find Elsewhere

XD Rockstar dually wheels are made in a variety of colors which include matte black, chrome plated, high temp matte black coated, machined face type with matte black windows. This is a wider color variety than other dually wheel manufacturers have come up with allowing you choose a blend of both black and chrome coatings on the machined face and the shinier high temp variety. The XD Rockstar Dually wheels XD755 series is available in two wheel diameter sizes: 16 inches and 17 inches. Both of these sizes are 6 inches wide and they are offset by 94 mms.

By: James Langston
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