Five Most Popular Pickup Truck Lights

Five Most Popular Pickup Truck Lights

Fitting trucks with aftermarket lights is quite popular especially for drivers who regularly drive through low-lit environments. Adding Truck lights is not a difficult process as there is usually enough space and the installation instructions are straightforward. The only difficult process when it comes to truck lights is choosing the perfect one for a certain truck as there are hundreds of them out there.

Fog Lights

These are the most common aftermarket lights. The main aim of these lights is to improve visibility in low-lying areas covered by fog. Hella Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Fog lights and has the Hella Halogen Fog lights for the front end of the truck. These lights are available in different shapes and sizes that ensure they fit perfectly on most vehicles for a modern and stylish look.

Have the Floodlights-Like Experience

For those who are looking for the flood lights-like experience from their aftermarket lights, KC Hilites provides the best option. The company has the KC 69 series lights that are designed for this function to allow the driver to clearly see ahead even in the darkest environments. Floodlights are not recommended for use in the city as they are too bright and may affect other road users. What sets the floodlights apart from other aftermarket lights is their ability to produce vertical and horizontal beams to illuminate a wide area.

Driving Lights

Driving lights can be mounted on the front end of the truck together with the stock lights that came with the truck to improve illumination. Driving lights should be mounted directly below off road lights for better results. There is nothing fancy about these truck lights as their main aim is to work with the stock lights for better visibility at night. These lights can be used on public highways as the illumination they produce is not overwhelming to other road users.

Long-Range Lights

These are the best off road lights as they produce high intensity lights that may go as far as 1.5 miles ahead. The intensity of light they produce makes them exclusively off road lights that should never be used on the highway. In addition to increasing range, these lights increase the brightness of the truck’s high beams for better visibility in dark areas.

Pencil Beam Lights

These are similar to long-range lights as they are designed for maximum distance coverage. The only difference is that these lights are extremely narrow and will not illuminate the sides of the road. They are perfect for off road trucks and racing cars where long range visibility is the most important thing.

By: Sean Bowes
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