5 Things that Make a Good Grille Guard

5 Things that Make a Good Grille Guard

Function and Aesthetic Value

In choosing car accessories, car or truck owners should pay attention both to the function and the aesthetic value. Grille guards (/Grille_Guards.175602) are one of the most valuable car accessories. While most of the car accessories (/) mainly serve the aesthetic function, grille guards provide a superior safety protection to your vehicle, as well.

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Act as a Protective Gear

Truck and car grille guards are meant to protect the grilles from the adverse effects of the daily monitoring. They should also shield your car against bumps and collisions that could leave noticeable marks on the grille. The grille guards should further shield your car from possible daily accidents, for example:

• The pole that you did not see

• The debris and dirt that can come from nowhere and destroy your headlights.

In addition to all of this, grille guards should also protect your car’s radiator.

Rust Resistant

Grille guards should be rust resistant in order to stand all kinds of weather. The best grill guards on the market feature a rust resistant coating and are made from tubular steel. Most companies provide powder coated black, chrome, and stainless steel truck grill guards. Each of these types of finish provides a distinct service, which all depend on the material that is used to manufacture it.


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A good grille guard should come in different varieties. Therefore, it is important for the vehicle owner to choose grille guards that match your truck or car and add flare to your car’s exterior look. The availability of different grille guards gives you an opportunity to select the one that fits your needs.

Easy installation

A grille guard should be easy to install by the truck or car owner without the help of a professional mechanic. In fact, a grille guard should be prefabricated to fit your vehicle via predrilled bolt holes. This, obviously, makes it easier for you as the vehicle owner to assemble the grille guard and effectively bolt it. However, in installing other grille guard brands such as OEM options, one requires assistance from a professional mechanic. Previously, the grille guard was to be bolted on the vehicles frame via drilled holes. Furthermore, because it was necessary to drill holes, there were high chances of the vehicle’s body experiencing body rust. However, with the new grille guards, grilling is not required and this is because they bolt easily onto the vehicle. The grille can further accommodate extra lights for example the fog lights.

By: Sean Bowes
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