4 of the Best Helo Wheel Spoke Designs

Helo wheels make for an exclusive wheel variety for executive vehicles. They feature a slimmer profile that contains thin spokes and rims. They are ideal wheels for anyone looking for a less aggressive make over. Majority of the wheels are designed in chrome finishes but a number of classy black options such as the satin Black HE878 is still available. The spoke structures on Helo wheels are worth getting into as they are amongst the most unique spoke designs for the urban market. In that regards we will discuss a few of the wheels with the most outstanding spoke structures.
Helo 881 wheel

Helo HE881 Wheels

The Helo HE881 wheel is a one of a kind. This wheel’s spoke design is a complex build up of patterns and shapes that fuse into one elegant scheme. Each spoke resembles a bold letter Y that splits into two edges as it reaches the rim. At the center of the wheel, the spokes become much slimmer before they meet the Helo logo. Helo HE881 wheel series comes in bright PVD and Gloss black varieties. Both have a silver hue on the spokes that make them easily recognizable and identified as members of the same series.
Helo 878 wheel

Helo HE878 Wheels

This line of Helo wheels is more robust and aggressively designed than its sisters. The spokes on the Helo HE878 wheel has a similar Y shaped profile though it is solid all through a bears no holes. The spokes are inclined inwards halfway through their length to merge at the center cap. With an 8 spoke design this still leaves them with sufficient strength to maintain the wheel’s stability. They come in two finishes; chrome and dark silver. The Dark silver variety however has an exclusive stain black finish on the spokes.
Helo 357 wheel

Helo HE357 Wheels

It is the only three spoke design wheel in Helo’s line up. One glance at it and you might mistake the Helo HE357 Wheel for an OEM Mercedes Benz spare wheel. It however does not have the spaced out slits on the spokes. Instead this is a solid chrome plated wheel that has only one colour option. It’s perfect for Mercedes owner as it blends in effortlessly with the Mercedes identity.
Helo 835 wheel

Helo HE835 Gloss Black Wheels

This elegant wheel adds onto the list because of its ability to merge robust looks with elegant finishing choices. A careful look at the gloss black Helo HE835’s spokes will demonstrate unmatched design finnese. The spokes are basically designed as the letter H with the area adjunct to the center cap containing a matte black fill. The area connecting to the rim has a square hole in the middle of the spoke. The ‘H shaped’ machine face spoke extends all the way into the rim’s shoulder giving an exquisite striped aesthetic that will place you in your own league.

By: Sean Bowes
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