3 Off Road Tire Manufacturers, 3 Approaches to Tire Design

The off-road tire manufacturing industry is a tough industry with chunks of competition. Ever since the advent of off-road racing as a popular sport, many manufacturers have taken their tire construction methods up a notch in terms of innovations and differentiating themselves.
Older Ford in the desert

In an earlier post, we talked about how Nitto’s approach and how they have off-road tires that serve different off-road environments such as deserts, mud trails, and snow. They create them to do a number of tasks such as cutting down noise and maintaining cornering stability. Let’s have a look at Pitbull, Mickey Thompson and Dick Cepek’s approaches to making their off-road tires.


Pitbull has a range of the most aggressive off-road tire design in the market. We are talking about tires that go the distance in mud, sand, snow and rocky terrains just as well. Their most distinct feature includes their deep lug patterns on the tires. These lugs are made with amorphous patterns that create an irregular design that will cut through elements with ease. They prevent the formation of mud or snow streams within the tread grooves which can reduce the tire’s traction. The ATV models have the most aggressive lug profiles and are rounded out on the shoulder for higher acceleration capability coupled with less noise.
Older Work truck

Mickey Thompson

There are factors that differentiate each manufacturer including tread design, size options, vehicle compatibility, and general tire profile. For Mickey Thompson, it is a combination of unique reliable compounds and treads design methods that do the trick. The compound the tires incorporate is a premium grade material that has anti-cut properties making it capable of lasting a longer time than other off-road tires. This is why it was chosen as an ideal material to use on the Baja Pro which is the most recommended Mickey Thompson tire for desert racing. In addition to this, their tread patterns extend a long way down over the blocky shoulders of the tire and down the sidewall.
Older Ford in the desert

Dick Cepek

At Dick Cepek, off-road tires are made with a more regular tread pattern that is a little bit less aggressive than what you find on brands such as Pitbull and Maxxis. A common feature you will find on Dick Cepek series is a lug pattern that split the tread section into two symmetrical sides. This can be found on the Dick Cepek Mud Country tier and the Dick Cepek Crusher. The tires are also made to conform to specific terrain conditions. This is why the models bear the name of the terrain they suited for. The Crusher is thus ideal for rocky areas, the Fun Country is good for unbeaten outback zones, Trail Country is good for covering dry off-road trails while the Mud Country is ideal for muddy ones.

By: Sean Bowes
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