Blue Ox Provides Quality Accessories For Off Road

Blue Ox Provides Quality Accessories For Off Road

For over 40 years, Blue Ox has been manufacturing quality accessories for different industries. The company started by focusing on agricultural equipment but expanded to include other industries as demand grew. This article will look at the five main categories of products that Blue Ox manufactures.
Truck front end

Towing Equipment

Blue Ox has a number of towing accessories that include the towbars, baseplates and other towing accessories. These help you attach your truck to a trailer and pull it along when going camping or just long trips. Blue Ox towing accessories have high capacities and can thus pull a lot of weight without breaking. They are also made using the strongest materials you can find to make them reliable and long lasting.


Blue Ox designs and manufactures a wide range of hitches to fulfil all your needs. These include the 5th wheel, Weight Distribution and Gooseneck hitches. All these three hitches have different capacities and should be used for different applications depending on what you are pulling. The weight distribution hitch is computer designed to deliver excellent sway control and weight distribution without any modification or friction.
Truck front end

Gooseneck hitches are designed for those who will be carrying heavy loads that are over 18,000 lbs. These hitches are quick to install and secure properly without any drilling or modifications on your truck. The 5th wheel hitch on the other hand is placed on the truck bed to provide extra support to the equipment being pulled.

Steering and Suspension

Blue Ox also provides products for steering stabilization and improving the suspension of your vehicle. The true centre steering control is easy to adjust and convenient to use making it perfect for use on bumpy roads. This equipment works like a horizontally attached shock absorber and all you have to do is push and hold the button to keep your recreation vehicle (RV) on the road.

Braking System

The Blue Ox brake system is an all-electric system and thus has no air hoses, tanks or pumps that leak. It does not slam when braking and is therefore able to move smoothly. It is light, adjustable and has a wireless remote for ease of use.

Blue Ox Carriers

Blue Ox carriers come in different shapes, sizes and capacities to allow you to easily carry your ATV or motorcycle. They are all made with the best and strongest materials so as to support the weight of your ATV or motorcycle for a long time. Installing these carriers is straightforward and does not require any special skills.

By: James Langston
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