Basic Maintenance Tips for Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike racing is one of the quickest growing extreme sports in America, drawing enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. However, this adrenaline packed sport is as dangerous as it is exciting. Whether you are a casual rider or motor cross racer, keeping your dirt bike in tip top condition can mark the difference between a safe jump and a broken neck. Here are a few maintenance tips for safer riding and longevity of your bike:
Dirt bike in the air

Clean Your Dirt Bike

Washing your bike after every use prevents build up of grime. A simple bucket of water, some truck wash, a sponge and hard bristled brush will work. Alternatively, you can spray the bike with a hose taking extra care to keep the spray away from the engine components. Also, plug the exhaust to avoid water damage to the muffler. An air box is also recommended to keep water and dirt away from the radiator. Wash the dirt bike from the top downwards. Use the sponge on the plastic parts and the brush for the chain and hard to reach spots.

Lubrication and Protection

After drying the dirt bike, grease it up to protect it from water or sand damage. Use a Teflon or Vaseline-based grease around the air filter, seals, bearings and chain. This reduces resistance and makes your dirt bike perform better.

Check for Loose Bolts

Bolts tend to come loose due to vibration of the bike under high performance conditions. Check the body carefully and tighten any loose nuts.

Inspect for Leakages

Oil, brake fluid and coolant leakages may occur in rough terrain. Check the bottom of the motor, the ground and the tanks after every ride.
Dirt-bike in use

Inspect the Chain

Check your chain for an increase in slackness. There should be an allowance to compensate for the bike’s movement but the chain should not be slack enough to slip over the rear sprocket.

Change your Engine Oil

Because of the extreme conditions involved in dirt bike racing, your engine oil needs to be changed more regularly than on a street bike. This increases your engine’s life.

Check Brake Fluid and Coolant Levels

Brake fluid also requires more frequent changing on a dirt bike. Coolant levels should be constantly checked and refilled for optimum functioning.

Clean your Bike’s Air Filter

A clean air filter protects your engine and improves your dirt bike’s performance. Cleaning with water and household cleaner is enough though there are plenty of air filter cleaners available in the market. A coat of air filter oil is then used to protect the air filter.

Check your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is an integral part of dirt bike safety. The right pressure will vary with different terrain, with lower pressure for muddy terrain and higher pressure for desert trails.
Dirtbike in the air

Inspect your Throttle and Clutch Cables

These must be in great condition for safer control of your dirt bike. Promptly replace worn out cables. Also check your throttle for smooth operation and adjust as required to allow free play.

These basic maintenance tips that can help improve your performance while keeping you safe whether you are riding a muddy trail, a race track or a winding desert trail. Get a variety of dirt bike parts and accessories from top manufacturers at
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