Dirt Bike Tires


Find the perfect and sturdiest dirt bike tire from our shop. We carry the largest selection of branded yet affordable motorcycle tires exclusively created for dirt and off-road applications. We showcase the most recognized brands including Kenda, Dunlop and Maxxis.

With a great number of Dirt Bike Tires to choose from, we can guarantee that each customer's specific requirements will be met. Not to forget, we also offer the best prices on Dirt Bike Tires, so don't wait up and purchase a pair now!

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Learn More About Dirt Bike Tires

Superior Dirt Bike Tires will not just improve the bike's acceleration and traction; it can also firmly enhance the braking, cornering, impact absorption and overall handling of the bike. They come in many different shapes, sizes, rubber compounds, colors and tread patterns that will suit any rider's taste and requirement.

Selecting the correct tire for the specific riding condition is important since dirt bike tires can dramatically change the way a bike responds to various types of terrains. Aftermarket tires are usually labeled according to the type of terrain they are designed for.

Dirt Bike Tires for Hard Terrain
These tires are made of a soft, outer rubber compound to give out additional grip on hard surfaces. Its tread blocks are generally spaced closely with each other.

Dirt Bike Tires for Soft Terrain
These tires are often used on soft, sandy and muddy terrains. Its rubber compound is hard and the tread are taller and molded in a paddle pattern. There are ample spaces between the tread to allow mud or sand to be tangled from the tire; thus, avoiding the hindering of mud on the gaps.

Dirt Bike Tires for Average Terrain
These tires were created for wide-ranging terrains -hard and soft. Tires like these are perfect for riders that travel over a variety of land types, without the need of changing the tires.

Dirt Bike Tires for Hardcore Riders
These type of tires are aggressive and are particularly designed to flawlessly operate on sand. Its large rubber scoops distributed wide apart provide supreme traction in sand dunes. These tires, however, are not recommended for any other type of terrain.