Street Bike Tires

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Motorcycle and Street Bike tires are available for many different applications. A wide array of street bike tires makes up our complete collection of inexpensive, hard-wearing and long-lasting tires from the top brands in the industry. We offer the market with high-quality and super affordable street or sport bike tires that can meet the requirements and desired specifications of most owners, riders and enthusiasts alike.

Tire Performance and Manufacturing differ in regard to their application. Some tires are made to provide amazing grip but only lasts for about 1,000 miles which are better used for sports. Racing Tires are usually developed specifically to offer the highest levels of grip to be used in cornering. Due to the high temperatures at which the tires typically operate, usage on the street is unsafe because the tires will not reach the best temperature thus providing no grip en route to the destination. In most situations, the tires can be brought to the optimal temperature with the use of tire warmers.

Tires used for Off Road Cycling have coarse treads with knobs that provide more traction on unpaved surfaces. Touring tires are made of hard rubber for greater durability. This type of tire tends to last longer but may provide less grip than sports tires at optimal operating temperatures. Touring tires are more suited to be used when riding in cold or winter conditions as they offer much better traction at lower temperatures.

Today, tires are made from a variety of materials including synthetic and natural rubber, fabrics, wires and other chemical compounds. Using a combination of the materials above will provide the superior durability, strength, and longevity. Tires consist of a body and tread. The tread will provide your street bike with traction while the body will maintain proper support.

Tires today are a donut-shaped body of cords and wires that are wrapped in a rubber casing for a smooth and comfortable ride. There are other types of tires in the street bike industry that does not apply to the standards above.

Tires are identified by specific codes which allow for easy categorization. The codes will describe the width, height/width aspect ratio, diameter of the wheel, load index, and speed rating. At times, manufacturers will use a letter to indicate the fabric of the tires.