Jeep Suspension Lift Kits For Serious Off Roaders

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits For Serious Off Roaders

It is a fact that most people who buy Jeeps tend to prefer the off road. Jeeps are designed to survive through such terrains with much ease while still allowing the driver and passengers to be comfortable. Driving through the normal off road terrains can be done with any Jeep straight from the factory but if you are going to extreme terrains, you will need special accessories fitted on your ride. Some of these accessories include Jeep suspension lift kits.
Jeep Suspension

Suspension lift kits are the most common types of lift kits and these are essential if you are serious about off roading. Even though suspension lift kits cost a little bit more than the body lift kits, they provide better ground clearance and handle much better. Jeep suspension lift kits offer better off road experience but not all the kits are the same. These kits are divided into different categories depending on their uses and features.

Jeep Shackle Reverse Suspensions

Jeep shackle reverse suspensions systems are recommended for off road use only. These suspensions allow the front suspension to operate in a more natural state. They will make any off road experience smooth by allowing the front springs to turn around pushing the shackles to the rear part of the spring while leaving the fixed pin at the front. With this mechanism, when the tire comes into contact with an obstruction, the impact is transmitted via the rear pivot point to the frame.

Jeep Shackle Suspension

Shackle Suspensions

Shackle suspensions cost less than the Shackle reverse suspensions. When using these suspensions, be careful as they might negatively affect the steering of the vehicle. Shackle suspensions allow the leaf springs to operate without putting too much pressure on the springs. They are self supporting and on level ground they will fold against themselves.

Coil Suspensions

The coil suspensions are some of the most popular off road suspension lift systems. Most Jeep owners prefer these suspension lift kits as they are very affordable and easy to find. Coil suspensions require some welding to install but when they are properly mounted, they provide a comfortable ride.

Jeep Spring Over-Axle Suspension

Spring Over-Axle Suspensions

In these kits, the springs are on top of the axle compared to the normal ones that have the springs underneath the axles. With this design, they are able to provide better ground clearance and increased mount. These suspensions are perfect for those who want to install bigger tires to raise the centre of gravity.

Lifted Spring Suspensions

These suspensions are also very popular among off roaders. They are perfect for those who will be driving through rocky terrains. They can be used with larger tires for better ground clearance. With these kits, you can still control your Jeep on the highway with ease.

By: James Langston
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