The Different Types of Jeep Suspension Lifts

The Different Types of Jeep Suspension Lifts

Lifting the Jeep

Jeep lift kits are perfect
Choosing the right kit for your Jeep can be based on different factors. In some cases, before buying a Jeep suspension lift kit, you have to consider your budget.

However, one reason why people get suspension lifts is to enhance their vehicle’s look. Additionally, suspension lifts improve the off-road performance in addition to accommodating larger tires. That’s right; a lift modification can enhance the off-road capability of your Jeep to enable greater ground clearance, articulation, and negotiation for extreme and larger obstacles. If your Jeep is for towing, height restrictions may need to be considered.

Body Lifts

Jeep lift kits are perfect
This is one of the most common and easiest forms of lifting a Jeep. It is usually about 1-3 inches and is one of the most cost effective ways to lift the body of your Jeep to accommodate larger tires and enhance the looks. A body lift only entails placing rubber spacers between the jeep body and the frame mounts. However, this type of suspension lift does not enhance the jeep’s off-road performance. The main reason for getting the body lift is to improve the exterior looks of your Jeep.

The Suspension Lifts

If you want to enhance the off-roading capability and group clearance for your jeep, then suspension lift is the best option for you. A jeep suspension lift changes or adds to the factory suspension to give an excellent ground clearance. There are also short-arm lifts and long-arm suspension lifts. The short-arm is a basic suspension lift that is cost effective; nonetheless, its major setback is that it alters the stock geometry that affects the jeep’s ride. On the other hand, the long-arm suspension lift enables greater articulation in extreme terrain. Both suspension lifts accommodates larger tires.

The Disadvantages of Jeep Suspension Lifts

Jeep lift kits are perfect
Even though the suspension lifts can enhance the jeeps looks or improve the performance, there are disadvantages linked to making this kind of modification. Suspending a vehicle raises the gravity center resulting into poor handling, vehicle vibration and increased wear on drive shafts. The mentioned will increased the repair and maintenance cost of the Jeep.

If you see a lifted Jeep in your neighborhood, know that it is the work of suspension lifts. Therefore, if you want to change your Jeep brand to look tougher or make it endure challenging off-roading, then lifting it is the best option.

By: Sean Bowes
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