Four Simple Steps to Follow with your Leveling Kit

Four Simple Steps to Follow with your Leveling Kit

If the front and rear ends of your truck are unbalanced, a Leveling kit is definitely what you need. Leveling kits are mostly used on pick-up trucks, SUVs and Jeeps because they tend to have heavy engines that are placed on the front part of the car. The weight of the engine adds a significant pressure to the front part of the car lowering it while at the same time lifting the rear.
Ford 4x4 with leveling kit

Below are four main steps to follow when thinking of getting new leveling kits for your vehicle. This list does not necessarily act as a manual but it helps to guide you when choosing a new kit.

Determine Why You Need a Leveling Kit and Set a Budget

Before buying that new leveling kit, it is important to evaluate why the truck needs a leveling kit. As a truck owner, it is important to know that a leveling kit means additional expenses and you should be ready cover the cost. Here at 4Wheelonline, there are different leveling kits with different price tags and you should choose one that is within your budget.
Older Ford f-150 leveled out

Choosing the Right Leveling Kit

Before settling for one, it is wise to go for the one that is perfect for your truck. There are different leveling kits made for different vehicles and it is important to choose one compatible with your vehicle. Information about different leveling kits and the vehicles they are intended for can be found anywhere on the internet or by consulting with your local repair shop.

After selecting the types of leveling kits to use, narrow the list down by choosing the ones that are easy to install. The easiest leveling kits to install are the strut extensions and coil spacers. For those who want to lift their rear ends, block kits are perfect.
Chevy silverado 4-door with leveling kit

Buy the Kit and Install It

After choosing the kit you want, buy it and install it on your truck. Buy the one that falls in your budget as discussed in step number one. For those who are skilled enough, installing of the kit is an easy job. Those who are inexperienced should consider getting someone competent to do the job. The time it takes to install a leveling kit varies greatly and depends on the leveling kit itself.

Maintain the Leveling Kit after Installation

Just because the leveling kit is installed does not mean all is done as the kit needs maintenance to function properly. Leveling kits are just like any other mechanical equipment and how well they are maintained determines how long they will last

By: Jon Aragon
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