What Makes the Exo Grappler the Must Have Tire For Off Road Enthusiasts

With the huge number of off road tires on the market, choosing one that is reliable can be a difficult process. One of the leaders in the aftermarket tire industry, Nitto Tire, observed the challenge most drivers face and came up with the Exo Grappler tire. The Exo Grappler is designed to withstand any terrain you may encounter when off roading. Below we discuss some features that make these tires appealing to most off road enthusiasts.
Nitto EXO tires in action

Quiet Ride

The Exo Grappler tires have computer analyzed tread block designs that reduce tire noise for a quiet ride even when driving at high speeds on the highway. These tread block designs improve stability and traction of the wheels on slippery terrains. With these tires, you will not have to worry about being too noisy or loosing stability when cruising at high speeds.

Gear Shaped Block Edges

Nitto Tire has designed these tires to perfection. They have gear shaped block edges to ensure a stable contact patch and reinforce the center tread blocks. These block edges also help reduce stone drilling and retention for a more comfortable off road experience.
Nitto EXO tires in action

Sidewall Technology and Durable Materials

The Exo Grappler tires have a new and exclusive sidewall technology that improves traction off road. They feature a 3-ply sidewall with bigger sidewall lugs for additional strength and durability. This new design makes the tires puncture resistant for use on rough off road terrains. The new sidewall design features three dimensional buttresses on one side and Y-Shaped buttresses on the other. This design is an engineering achievement that reduces unwanted vibrations when driving on bumpy roads. These tires are made with high strength polymers, natural rubber and wear resistant materials that make them suitable for driving on unpaved roads. The new sidewall technology combined with the durable materials gives these tires unmatched strength and durability.
Nitto EXO tire

Winter Ready Materials

The Exo Grappler tires are designed to perform well on every terrain including snow. These tires have been rated as having a 3-peak mountain snowflake for winter driving conditions. They have larger sipes and lateral grooves that improve grip and traction. These sipes and grooves provide snow/slush and water evacuation.

The tires are made with durable materials that allow for traction in freezing temperatures. These materials include natural rubber and other wear resistant compounds that are cut and chip resistant. For those who want extra traction during harsh winter conditions, you can add the TSMI #15 studs to aid with this.

By: James Langston
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