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Wheels Articles and Reviews

Truck Wheel Brands You Might Not Know Enough About
We have heard a lot about the big brands in the truck wheel industry. These are brands like Maxxim, Akita, Black Rock, Konig and American Racing to name a few. These truck wheels brands are by all means great. That is the reason so many American swarm into aftermarket auto stores to buy them. But sometimes they come at a high cost in exchange for the high quality.
A Guide to Making Sure Your New Rims Will Fit Your Truck
You’ve spent hours drooling over thousands of gorgeous images of sexy new rims and you’ve finally seen the style and design that you want. You have to have them, nothing else will do… but there’s one thing that could ruin everything; will they fit on your vehicle?
How to Fit New Rims onto Your Vehicle
Incorrectly mounting your new alloys can be costly. If your wheels aren’t properly secured they can get damaged or in extreme cases become separated from your vehicle – never a pleasant experience while you’re driving! Our experts explain the two ways a wheel can be mounted to a vehicle and share their knowledge on how to keep your wheels tightly attached and centered on the hub.
Top 5 Factors to Consider when Choosing New Truck Wheels
Need to buy a new set of truck wheels? Not sure exactly what you need to be looking for? Well, don’t worry; 4wheelonline has all of the inside information and tips to help you through the process. Just click here and check out the top 5 factors to consider when buying new wheels for your truck.