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Spruce your Ride with Stylish XD Wheels

XD Wheels is one of the premier wheel designers and manufacturers. XD was established in 1982 and has its base in Riverside, California. Over, the past two decades, XD has focused on designing fashionable black wheels. Today, XD wheels provides you with a variety of wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 24 inches to give you the best off-road riding experience.
Black Ford F-150

Great Designs-You Have It

XD wheels are specifically designed to effectively hold the weight of your truck or Sport Utility vehicles. Every year, XD releases unique and stylish designs. For example, the XD was the first to introduce the unique full cap, which covers your wheels lug nuts.

These wheels also feature a popular stat logo that is present on the XD Rockstar series. At online stores such as 4wheelonline.com, you can get a variety of XD Rockstar style wheels such as XD775 Rockstar Dually Matte-Matte Black and XD775 Rockstar-machined.
Black Chevy silverado

Quality and Looks- Experience it with XD Wheels

XD wheels not only offer you excellent quality but also good looks that make your ride stand out. If you are a SUV or truck owner, then these wheels are specifically designed for you. These stylish wheels are constructed using durable aluminum and they are available in two distinct finishes of chrome and black.

The two major finishes have distinct variants that give your wheels an impressive and aggressive looks. These wheels provide with a great way to customize your vehicle’s exterior at an affordable rate. Therefore, XD wheels remain your preferred wheel as they offer bold-styling that you crave for as a truck or SUV owner.
Black Ford F-150

Roll in style

If you want to roll in style, then the best option for you is XD wheels. For example, XD222 Enduro beadlock desert machined wheels help you to make a bold statement with your ride. The wheels feature a chrome finish that not only enhances your rides looks but also make it stand out. They feature a reinforced structural strength because of the multi fit integrated pattern. This strength makes the wheel suitable for you if you an off-road enthusiast. You do not need to worry, if your truck is meant for heavy loads.

This is because these wheels are built with aluminum materials for enhanced durability to withstand pressure brought about by heavy loads. These wheels have been tested to ensure they perform as you expect them to without failure, further making them ideal for different kinds of terrain.

By: Jon Aragon
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