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Ridler Wheels Are Classically Styled

ridler wheels
Originally started in 1969, The Wheel Group has grown into one of the world’s largest and best aftermarket wheel manufacturers. That’s because over the years The Wheel Group has branched out with a number of different brands, each of which focuses on a specific need for their customer base.

Ridler Wheels Has Classic Appeal

Today, one of The Wheel Groups sickest brand lineups is undoubtedly Ridler Wheels. This specialized brand is advertised as being a great wheel for both off-road and street driving. And guess what? That’s absolutely true.

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But what really sets Ridler Wheels apart is its classic appeal. The standard Ridler Wheel features a 5 spoke design that pairs perfectly with classic vehicles like the late 60s Camaros, early 70s Cadillac’s, 50s and 60s Plymouth trucks, and everything in between.  

Wheel expert and classic car enthusiast Ken Pilcher says, “Ridler Wheels are right up there with old school Cragar Wheels. They have similar designs, except Ridler is a little more eye catching and modernized.”

Don’t Be Tacky- Use Ridler Wheels

ridler wheels 4
Today, out on the streets, there are countless tacky, overdone wheels. Stay away from those! All they do is make drivers and car/truck owners look bad, depreciating the value and integrity of the vehicle.

Instead, wheels should complement the overall look a vehicle. They should blend in and be cohesive. Wheels that steal away too much attention are probably overkill.

Aftermarket wheels insider Jon Aragon says, “One of the worst things that a car enthusiast can do is choose a set of wheels that don’t blend in with the vehicle. Even worse, though, is a driver that thinks his wheels are killing it, when in fact, they are an eye sore.”

Fortunately, there is a wide selection of strong, classic designs coming from Ridler Wheels. These wheels will help any driver avoid being tacky and will help provide a professional and polished look to a vehicle. Curently, the Ridler Wheels lineup features 11 different styles, coming in chrome, matte black, grey, silver, and polished.

ridler wheels 2
Even better, all of these wheels are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM, ISO, SAE JWL, VIA, and TUV standards. This should be no surprise, though. Ridler Wheels is all about maintaining the typical The Wheel Group standards, “[Ridler Wheels] believes that success is only achieved when quality products are delivered on time to meet our customer’s demands and satisfaction.” …. Mission accomplished.

By: Tim Snyder
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