Procomp’s ES Series That Drivers Love

Procomp’s ES Series That Drivers Love

In an instance, you can tell that Pro Shock is a brand that deals only in professional and high standard shock absorbers just by looking at them. This mark of quality extends to all Pro Shock products including suspension kits, tires and wheels. The different products are branded with Pro Comp’s logo and cased in a long lasting cover that seals in the key components. But Pro Comp’s ES shock series is the most popular because of the properties that have been included in them and not on them. These include advanced tube design, piston rod design, velocity sensitive valves and shock mounts systems.
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Twin Tube Design

The twin tube design on Pro Shocks ES-series of shocks is what has made this particular series a favorite amongst many drivers. It retains all the values that come with twin tube shocks such as separating the reservoir of hydraulic fluid from the piston area. However Pro Shock ES9000 shocks have the added advantage of using nitrogen as a control for aeration and performance fade as the piston works back and forth in the shock. Other twin tube shocks from Pro Shock such as the ES3000 are engineered with a cellular gas design which performs the same performance enhancing function as nitrogen does in the ES9000.

Piston Rod Design

Pro Comp’s piston rod design isn’t just an ordinary or conventional piston rod. The rod on the ES series of Pro Comp Shocks has a nylon banded piston head. These are the only shock piston heads in the market that include this property and provide full displacement at the same time. The shocks are nylon banded to increase their durability. This is because nylon has superb heat deflection abilities and added abrasion and wear resistance.
Close up of a Procomp shock

Sensitive Valving

The idea behind velocity sensitive valving is to create an automatic system in the vehicle’s suspension that responds to speed changes with matching shock absorption levels. Every shock absorber that is manufactured today is velocity sensitive but not all of them include a 10 stage velocity sensitive system. This is the edge that Pro Comp ES shocks give you. With a 10 stage velocity sensitive mapping system, you get a wider range of valving performances in different driving terrains as opposed to the common 3 stage valving process that is limited in adjusting to terrain.

Shock Mounts

The shock mounts on Pro Comp’s E series shock absorbers are double welded to provide maximum strength to the shocks once they are set up.
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The above combination of properties progressively defines the ES series although some properties such as VSV technology are also shared by the MX series of shock absorbers from Pro Comp.

By: Sean Bowes
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