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Fuel Wheels Partners with Jeremy McGrath

Jeremy McGrath is a racing icon and a motocross legend. Dubbed the “King of Supercross” in the early 90’s, McGrath dominated the Supercross circuit and revolutionized freestyle motocross by inventing popular maneuvers. He has long been considered as one of the founding fathers of freestyle motocross. Due to a pre-season crash in 2003, McGrath decided to retire from Supercross racing. However, in 2005, McGrath came out of his retirement to race a limited schedule racing for Team Honda on the Supercross circuit and placed regularly in the top five. McGrath then re-announced his retirement in 2006, but he couldn’t sit still for long.

Like fellow professional adrenaline junkies like Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan, McGrath turned his attention to other extreme motorsports. In April 2007, he signed driver development contract with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s JR Motorsports, and has been truck racing ever since. Recently he has

McGrath didn’t exactly ease into the sport of PRO-2 truck racing, though.

“I never drove anything lower-level, I just went straight to PRO-2,” says McGrath. “The power that these things have is indescribable, really. I have driven a lot of sports cars, but 900 horsepower in an off-road truck is like, motocross and Supercross mixed in with a little bit of NASCAR and a little bit of monster truck, and it’s just, it’s amazing.”

Although he hasn’t been racing off-road trucks very long, it is apparent that McGrath takes his short-course Trophy Truck passion very seriously. He finished in the top 10 in several PRO-2 Races and for 2014, partnering up with Fuel Wheels and Monster Energy for the 2014 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. McGrath, previously racing for the Stronghold PRO-2 racing team, decided to part ways to make a mark after a tough first two rounds with his own team as Jeremy McGrath Motorsports.

Jeremy McGrath’s Wheel Choice For 2014

McGrath selects the Fuel Fuel D557 Anza Wheel as his choice for his outfitted competition-ready truck.

This wheel features an aggressive, groundbreaking one-piece cast design. This wheel comes in a black matte finish that not only looks stylish, but is also one of the most advanced, reliable, and durable wheels on the market. Like all of Fuel wheels, the D557 is made of high-quality materials, resistant to corrosion and is built tough to handle tough racing conditions. Let’s face it, if McGrath is depending on these wheels to stand up to the tough terrain of the Lucas Oil Off Road  (LOOR) Series, you can trust them to race at your local track.

McGrath’s Performance at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

During Rounds 1 and 2 of the LOOR Series, McGrath and his team experienced issues. On Saturday, McGrath’s Loctite Fuel Off-Road PRO-2 was plagued with fuel pressure issues and a flat tire. When he hit the pits his team was able to change the tire out quickly and McGrath finished in 11th place.

On Sunday, it seemed as though McGrath and his team were off to a good start, but three laps into the main event, McGrath’s window was damaged and the race officials flew a black flag, sending him to the pits and putting him in dead last. As the crew got their #2 Loctite truck back on track, McGrath hustled through his competition and boogied up to 5th place. As McGrath felt that the podium was in his grasp, the #2 truck lost power due to an alternator failure and McGrath managed to finish in 15th place.

“The weekend was not what we had hoped for but, we learned a lot and I feel like my team and the Loctite Fuel Off-Road Pro 2 will be competing for wins at Rounds 3 and 4 at Lake Elsinore,” says McGrath. This team is here for the long haul and we plan to be a contender at each and every race.”

A Look At Newest Fuel Wheels

Fuel Wheels offers a wide selection to choose from, with your choice of design, size, and finish.  You can check our selection of Fuel Wheels.

Here are two of our personal favorites:

The D512 Throttle: The D512 is a Dually wheel that features a deep-lip design and a chrome finish. The wheel mixes the looks of a desert racer with a beadlock design but then combines the luxury flair of a chrome wheel. The wheel also features a shiny center cap that demands attention at any truck meet.

The D255 While Milled: If you’re looking for a two-piece wheel that has a wild personality, look no further. He D255 is an aggressive is every day. It is available in a wide range of sizes and can fit most trucks and SUVS. The mixture a white base and gloss black makes gives the wheel even more depth than it’s already-insane lip already does. It also comes with a custom painted center cap to protect your lug nuts.

Whichever wheel you’re looking for, if you need a wheel that can be trusted by the top racers in the world, such as McGrath, but you also want something that turns heads, too – be sure to check out the newest wheels at 4WheelOnline

By Sean Bowes
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