Nitto Unveils Brand New Nitto Exo Grappler AWT Tires

Originally founded in 1949, Nitto has grown into a juggernaut of the aftermarket tire industry. In fact, their tire line has grown so extensive that they now offer tires for all styles of driving: off-road, street, and competition.
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What’s really important, though, is not the variety of tires that Nitto offers, but the fact that each tire provides top-of-the-line, optimal performance. Nitto has ensured this quality by incorporating computer-modeled designs that help to reduce road noise while helping enhance dynamic contact points while driving. On top of that, they have incorporated tested technological advancements in polymer tread compounds to maximize performance, traction, and long-lasting durability.

Damn, that’s a lot… Could it really get any better? The answer is yes.
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The Brand New Exo Grappler AWT Tire

Earlier this month, Nitto revealed the highly anticipated Exo Grappler AWT tire to the public for the very first time, sending shock waves through the entire industry. That’s because the Exo Grappler has been designed to blend some of Nitto’s premier tire features into one perfect, balanced tire.

Nitto senior staff engineer, Alan Ngo says, “The Exo Grappler AWT brings together the designs and technologies that we’ve developed throughout the extensive testing of all our Grappler tires and combines them into the new tire. We’ve designed a tire that is not only competent on dirt, gravel and pavement, but also has excellent capabilities in snow and ice.”

In particular, to ensure industry leading quality, this tire features a thick sidewall lugs, three-ply sidewall construction, and a new chip resistant all-weather compound. Further adding to the tire’s magic, it is also puncture resistant and has a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating.
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The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, of course, is what sets this tire apart from previous models because it has been designed to handle hardcore snowy terrain.

Nitto’s website says, “The Exo Grappler’s sipes and large lateral grooves provide biting edges as well as water and snow/slush evacuation. These tread features are combined with a new durable compound that allows for traction in freezing temperatures. For additional traction, option TSMI #15 studs can be added for increased winter traction.”

With the release of this tire, Nitto has once again upped the ante and raised expectations for what should be expected from a great aftermarket manufacturer. So remember, the next time that you are out looking for tires, you need to start your search with Nitto because they provide elite tires for EVERY TYPE OF TERRAIN.

By: Tim Snyder
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