Paughco V Twin Exhausts

Paughco V Twin Exhausts

Paughco V-Twin Exhausts

Recognized as one of the leaders in manufacturing exhausts that increase motorcycle performance, Paughco continues to turn out top of the line products through their manufacturing processes that have been refined many times over. Their fine-tuned processing has enabled them to manufacture high quality exhausts that are offered at lower costs.
Paughco also boasts of its DIY exhaust kits and slash cut megaphone mufflers. The Build Your Own Pipe Kit provides motorcycle owners all the parts to custom-fabricate their own exhaust system. A combination of all kinds of pipes, bends and flanges fit most popular models--Iron Sportsters, Panheads, Shovelheads and STD heads, EVO Big Twins, late-model Sportsters and TC machines. Paughco’s 29-inch long slash cut megaphone measures are fit with steel baffles and are chrome plated. They also feature a single, dual-hole mounting bracket for easy installation. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

More Paughco V-Twin Exhausts Details

Paughco V-Twin exhausts are made from top grade materials and are fit with premium quality components. These are handcrafted by highly skilled professionals with years of experience and expertise. Motorcycle riders recognize the gains in their ride when fitted with a Paughco V-Twin exhaust system. There’s an immediate increase in power, engine acoustics and overall looks. That’s because Paughco exhausts are always designed not only to increase efficiency but also to upgrade how a motorcycle looks. Make your choice from various models of Paughco V-Twin exhaust systems and get the customized look and sound for your motorcycle.
Paughco is at the forefront of the market and acquiring one of their V-Twin exhaust systems isn’t just a simple purchase, it’s an investment.

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