Kumho Ecsta ASX KU21 Tires

Kumho Ecsta ASX KU21 Tires

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  • Asymmetrical tread design optimizes all-season performance.
  • High-tech silica compound delivers the optimum balance of wet and snow traction, treadwear and fuel efficiency.
  • Large outside blocks maximize cornering performance.
  • High-angle slant and circumferential grooves provide optimum water drainage to resist hydroplaning.
  • E-technology step grooves and sipes increase edge effect for increased wet and snow performance.
  • Multi-zone tread contour provides dynamic casing control for improved comfort and handling.
  • The ASXs ESCOT technology controls the tension throughout the casing to provide a comfortable ride and maintain performance handling.
  • The jointless cap and edge covers keep the two full-width steel belts in place to ensure strength, stability and maximum footprint during high performance driving.
  • Variable pitch tread blocks and cross-grooves reduce road harmonics for a quiet ride.
  • Rim protector in lower sidewall safeguards wheel from scratches and abrasions.
  • The ASX is available with two UTQG ratings. Sizes with a 60 aspect ratio and higher come with a UTQG of 420 A/A. 55 series and below come with a 420 AA/A UTQG rating.


Kumho Ecsta ASX KU21 Tires are On Sale Plus Free Shipping! On the outside, the Ecsta ASX molds a high technology silica and carbon tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features large outside tread blocks for quick response and sporty handling with high volume circumferential and high angle slant grooves to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Constant contact center blocks help reduce noise while providing continuous road contact to improve straight-line stability. Internally, Ecsta ASX tires feature Kumho's Dynamic Casing Shape Technology that controls casing tension throughout the tire.