Bestop Jeep Powerboard

Bestop Jeep Powerboard


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Bestop Powerboard

The Bestop PowerBoard is the next step in advanced vehicle entry! PowerBoards provide easy entry for lifted or high clearance Trucks or SUVs by deploying in under one second whenever your vehicle door is opened. Once you have safely entered and closed the door, the PowerBoard retracts out of sight preserving the ground clearance and factory look of your vehicle. The PowerBoard's rugged, extreme weather proven motor is able to extend the board surface further down into a more natural stepping height than any other running board, side step or nerf bar. Each PowerBoard kit comes with everything you need for an easy installation, including integrated LED lights to illuminate the generous 6.25 inch extruded aluminum stepping surface for safe night time entry and exit. The Bestop PowerBoard is a full length running board that functions with rear doors for SUV and Crew Cab passengers. The Bestop PowerBoard, there when you need it!

NEW Powerboard NX

Bestop PowerBoard NX is, for intents and purposes, the same as the classic PowerBoard with improvements in the way of the addition of patent-pending Wi-Fi technology, making the Bestop PowerBoard NX easier and faster to install; specifically by the truck owner. As a result of the Wi-Fi component supplementation, the Bestop PowerBoard NX installs more quickly than the original PowerBoards, and even more importantly, does not call for any contact with the interior of the vehicle, meaning no door/kick panels, plates or carpets are disturbed; no cutting, splicing or tapping into the daunting wiring harness.

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